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5/14/12 7:39 A

mashed potatoes. to start out you can use the boxed kind [especially if you can get honest earth brand] because the consistency is going to be smoother and it will be easy to leave them soupier. as you get closer to actual, solid food again, you can start making your own. but add in pureed beans [lima, pinto, butter, northern, kidney, whatever you want, really] for protein. you can also do this to most any other veggie too. cook it up, puree it and mix it into the potatoes. you could even add a little shredded cheese for variety as long as you mix it up.

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5/13/12 10:54 P

Thanks. Well, when I make monsters [Spinach Smoothies] I always add Flaxseed. Fiber. Protien, and A Pear. I always make spinach soup from scratch too

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5/13/12 10:38 P

Different links for different oral surgical procedures can be found on this page..

Please read after care of tooth extraction- it has alot of good ideas- don't put seeds or hard stuff in that can dig into sores in gums.. Use protein powder to keep protein numbers up..

My son has had more operations on his teeth then most people have had hot dinners.. He was born without 8 adult teeth and the consequences have teeth tipping over because there is nothing next to them to support them growing down into place straight so roots grow out the sides of his gums requiring emergency surgery.. When his 18 he has to have the baby teeth removed and 8 screw in teeth all at once..

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5/13/12 10:30 P

For the protein try adding flax seeds to your smoothies.

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5/13/12 10:28 P

Smoothies! There are SO many options. And like MANDIETERRIER1 said, some people add veggies to their smoothies. The taste when doing this? VERY yummy. As long as you use fruits in your smoothies, you're not going to taste those veggies. If you can just get past the idea of having spinach or something else in your smoothies and the way it looks (green, brown, etc) then it's very good! I've had a smoothie with peaches, bananas, strawberries, kiwi and spinach in it. All I could really taste was the bananas and strawberries and it was a bright green. Heh. When buying fruit for your smoothies you could go with some frozen ones (like strawberries, peaches, pineapple, etc) so you don't have to use something else to thicken it up. If you like yogurt, that's a good way to get some flavor and other nutrients into your smoothies (though be careful about what kind you use...greek would probably be best). Some smoothies call for juices but I tend to just use water. The juice will add a bit of flavor to the smoothies but really all you need is a bit of water to make the smoothie blend better.

Oh...if you like applesauce that could be an option too. Maybe try making your own and doing different flavors? Gotta be careful with the packaged stuff though. Some of it has so much sugar in it!

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5/13/12 10:24 P

Well I mean I do the fruit and monster smoothies. And Spinach Soup. Just want as much protien as possible

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,581
5/13/12 10:17 P

If you have a blender you could make smoothies with yogurt and fruit. Some put spinach and broccoli in their smoothies, but I would imagine that is an acquired taste

If you get tired of sweet smoothies you could make a veggie smoothie. Just cook the veggies until they are soft and blend with yogurt

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5/13/12 10:14 P

Thanks. Its gonna be 4 wisdom teeth which are sideways bony impacted. And then 3 teeth beside them that are broken by the impaction beneath the gumline, then an abcessed one

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
5/13/12 10:05 P

Ouch.........I would get vanilla whey protein. I use 6 star I get from WalMart. You can add peanut butter or fresh fruit to it. It would make a good shake. I would put some in a blendar with some ice cubes and non fat milk.

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5/13/12 9:55 P

So. Before you get all up in arms and tell me about how bad a liquid diet is for losing weight, lol. I'm getting teeth pulled and that's my only option

A LOT of teeth pulled. So I can't have solid food for at least a week. I want to use this opportunity to get back into eating healthy. So I'd appreciate any menu suggestions to keep my protien/carb intake up

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