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7/26/11 12:25 A

you may be older by age but you are most definitely more active and more energetic, so we do it your way, I'll check on you daily on your JEMS program and you check up on my weight ? deal ? :D I will lose 3 KGs = 6.61 pounds by Aug 8th.

ok ????


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7/25/11 5:02 P

I can't go by pds. I am older than you and it is harder to lose at my age. I get two discouraged that way. So you go by Kgs (how many pds is 3Kgs?) and I will do my jems and we will see how it goes. ~Maci~

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7/25/11 5:35 A

Hey... I'm so so happy to get a reply on this topic

Well :) That sounds great:)

Since my lifestyle maybe a little different, I suggest we set a target weight loss, say 2-3 KGs, and we try to hit it as hard as we can in next 2 weeks ? each of us can use her own strategy, but in the end the Kgs lost will be a milestone :D ha ?

if you say yes, we can set it for Aug 8th and the target weight loss will be 3 Kg. what do you say ?

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7/25/11 5:05 A

Yes! I would like to get back to what works for me! (My "JEMS") I have done them 2 seperate times and each time got to goal wt. When I stop the wt flys back on. I stopped in 8 mos ago when I stopped consentrating on myself. Time to get back to me! Here is what they are
J- Journal Day- Brief discription
E- Exercise- 30+ Min a day!
M- Meals- food journal
S- Secrets and Success's- wt, good and not so good food behaviors!

I would like to do them daily! If you want to join me or write your own, lets share our progress daily or wkly. Peace to U! ~Maci~

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7/25/11 2:03 A


is there any one who wants to set a weekly or monthly goal with me ? like losing 2 KGs etc.

We will both benefit this ;)

Let me know,



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