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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,892
3/29/12 4:13 P

It sounds like you're doing great. As long as you're finding activities you enjoy that are challenging you, you're on the right track.

Coach Jen

CMDM08 Posts: 48
3/29/12 1:28 P

I would really like to go to the doctor about this issue but because i dont have insurance to help cover this cost it is impossible for me to get that kind of advice.

But thankyou so much for the advice. I will keep trying.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,892
3/28/12 2:23 P

I don't know that there are any specific exercise recommendations for someone with your condition, but a regular exercise program that includes both strength training and cardio exercise has been shown to help with the symptoms. Has your doctor given you any advice regarding this topic?

Coach Jen

CMDM08 Posts: 48
3/28/12 12:30 P

I have what is called RLS (restless leg syndrome) and what this means is that when you sit down to relax and yes even sleep your legs still want to move, this can be painfull and also affects your back. I am a member of Anytime Fitness and go there to work out when ever i can around my work schedule. Does anyone know of any exercises or equipement that i can do to help with this. I dont want to go back on meds if i can help it, but on the other hand I cant keep missing out on sleep either.
So far I do the treadmill and the bike along with the weight machines for my legs, back and arms.
Any other suggestions.

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