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6/24/12 9:28 P

Hi Madmom10, welcome to SparkPeople!

3rd shift can be really tough. It does help to totally commit to switching your eating, the way Mamawalmart suggested.

Also, the Nutrition Tracker has a meal plan option. It's great, it will set up your whole days menu. And your able to swap items, for different things too.

Good luck on your weight loss journey!

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6/22/12 5:31 P

emoticon and emoticon
Glad to have you as part of the Spark family. Hope you take advantage of the great tools we have available for Sparkers; Nutrition and Fitness Tracker, Spark Teams, exercise videos for every level, and many great articles and recipes that can help in obtaining a healthier lifestyle.
One team you might want to check out is Night Owls. When I was night shifter, I ate as if I was on day shift. I would eat a big breakfast before I went to work, then lunch half way through shift, then dinner when I came home. I never went straight to bed when I came home. I would do my workouts and my home routine before I went to sleep, paying bills, grocery shopping, things like that.
Wish you continued success on your journey to a healthier you.
God bless and Keep Smiling

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6/22/12 4:55 P

i need help because i work 3rd shift, rarely get a break, and sleep during the day. any ideas
on a better meal plan.

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