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11/3/12 8:37 P

I did see the NY Knicks (basketball team) doing a benefit game to raise funds...maybe many of the people are still in the "beginnings" of raising help?? My cousin also saw about 50 electrical trucks (from other states) convoying toward the East coast to help get the lines back up & running. Also, our local grocery store is rounding up to match and donate funds for the East coast hurricane (we're in Alaska).

But, as for other countries helping?? Dunno?

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11/3/12 5:16 P

@DEROBERGE: is this waht you meant when you posted "trou de culs"?

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11/3/12 12:10 P

trou de culs

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11/2/12 10:30 P


Actually, people in the UK and no doubt in other Countries, are raising funds and trying to help. But if that's your attitude, I wonder why we're bothering. I agree with XHUNTERX.

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11/2/12 8:57 P

emoticon You're right PT.JEFFGIRL, THANKS GOD we don't have the same kind of 'ethics' you seem to have

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11/2/12 8:51 P

They aren't like us.

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11/2/12 8:39 P

A lot of other people have chimed in with some very informative responses. I will just add that, frankly, we're darned lucky in this nation that we do have the resources to pretty much take care of our needs when a disaster hits. Many smaller (and/or poorer) nations do not have physical infrastructure to house thousands made homeless or provide clean water on a moment's notice, etc. We do, for the most part.

I've heard a number of stories on the BBC about the storm and the concerns it's raised around the world. Just because you're not seeing it on t.v. in this country doesn't mean that other countries don't care about us. However, their practical assistance is better provided to Caribbean nations that were hit dreadfully hard by Sandy.

I think that over the years the East Coast has gotten plenty of attention - 9/11 comes to mind, along with a few blizzards and assorted storms. The original post sounds like a jealous sibling wanting more notice from the rest of the family.

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11/2/12 7:23 P
Concert benefit that is happening (link above)

DENVER Several crews from various Colorado agencies are heading to the East Coast to help with the clean-up after Hurricane Sandy swept through the area.

Xcel Energy Colorado will send crews to assist with power restoration. The power company said 22 vehicles and 38 employees will head to the hardest hit areas starting Wednesday.

A search and rescue team based in Colorado is also ready to head out and help in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

Around 80 members from FEMA's Urban Search and Rescue Colorado Task Force One are on standby. The task force is coordinated by West Metro Fire Rescue and includes members from more than a dozen area fire departments.

It's one of 28 such teams in the country. Nine teams have already been activated.

I can empathize with any and all sorts of emotional reactions to this devastating storm and it's aftermath and consequences. I hope things improve swiftly and smoothly. emoticon

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11/2/12 6:23 P

Because they do not have the same ethics we do.

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11/2/12 6:17 P

They know what is best for them.

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11/2/12 5:37 P

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11/2/12 4:53 P

It's complicated

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11/2/12 4:39 P

We have our own problems.

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11/2/12 3:18 P

Kudos ot the hotel I read about that is not reserving rooms for the marathon, he is saving them for the hurricane victims who lost their homes.:)

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11/2/12 3:00 P

First - are you completely certain that no other Nation and no other entity or individual from out of the USA has NOT rendered or offered their assistance?

Second - Other Nations often do assist our Nation and our people in times of natural disasters and other emergencies.

Third - The fact is that neither the news agencies nor our government are especially good at taking notice and acknowledging others assistance and offers.

Fourth - Subsequent to both Hurricane Katrina and 911 - Twin Towers, the US Federal Administration refused aid offered to the US by a number of entities.

Fifth - It is not just the US or the people of the US assisting others - with no one assisting us.

When I have traveled, I've become more aware of other individuals, groups, people and Nations that have and do assist others in time of need.

I believe that your anger and/or frustration may be premature and perhaps misdirected.

I believe that there are many more thoughtful, helpful and generous spirits around the World, than one might otherwise suppose.

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11/2/12 2:46 P

I think we're doing a fine enough job all by ourselves. Now, if Bloomberg would do the smart thing and cancel the NYC Marathon....

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11/2/12 2:43 P

As others said, who said they aren't? Give it a chance.

But, I will say, many of the people who were affected by Katrina were the very very poor. People living in lower Manhattan and the affected areas of New Jersey/Long Island, etc. are mostly not the very very poor, and many of them will be able to help themselves just fine. But, help is already happening and more will be coming. It doesn't happen instantaneously... just because you don't read about it in the papers doesn't mean it's not happening. It also has nothing to do with who is President.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,802
11/2/12 2:21 P

" i'm disgusted that bloomberg is thinking of a marathon when he should be thinking of the people of his district."


New Yorkers have always been of the attitude of "Let's get moving, and let's get to normal as soon as possible".
It will be good for the area to have people there using hotel rooms, buying things, etc. Why should they lose all the money that the race brings in? And I can't imagine refunding all the deposits, race fees, etc... That would be even more of a drain.

And why do you think the elderly are not being looked after?

You are so negative... how about doing something positive!

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
11/2/12 2:15 P

I don't think katrina victims got enough help either.... and no one should have to beg for help, not in this country.... and i'm disgusted that bloomberg is thinking of a marathon when he should be thinking of the people of his district... they say they r using private resources to get runners in.... those resources should be used for bringing in water, food, clothing, essentials for staten island especially , but all new yorkers... not for a race!
Who is checking on the elderly????????

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
11/2/12 2:09 P

it was a different president when katrina hit!!!!!!!!

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11/2/12 12:29 P

It does take time to make arrangements for helping. My association is working to raise money to help displaced people with their mortgage payments so that they have at least one less financial stress (we did the same after 9/11, Katrina, and several other disasters in the last 10 or so years)... but like I said, it takes time. I did see today that Jon BonJovi and Billy Idol will both be doing concerts to raise money. The help will come.

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11/2/12 9:38 A

I thought they were

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11/2/12 9:15 A

Canada is sending help - it's all over the news here... we get more American news than anything else.

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11/2/12 7:58 A

Help is coming. Concerts will be had, fundraisers will be everywhere. I know it seems frustrating but some things take a bit more time then three days. Other countries may not contribute because they think we are rich who knows their reasoning if that is even true. Some mentioned we are getting help from Canada. I think you need to be patient and be thankful you are alive and trust in the Lord that he will see fit that you and others will be taken care of. I am very happy you are alive and well, you will be okay. Give thanks to be alive. I am sorry you had to witness something so horrific. Stay safe and confident. :)

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11/2/12 7:18 A

It's beyond me what the USA has to keep up the rest of the worlld when we are in such a mess ourselves.

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11/2/12 7:16 A

Canada is preparing to send help.

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11/2/12 6:56 A


TRYINGHARD54 Posts: 5,292
11/2/12 5:44 A

lets face it... some of the other countries do not like the U.S. But also, I cant say if some of them dont help..although I would be surpised. We can take care of our own....!

11/2/12 5:39 A

I cannot say with any certainty that other countries are not helping us......

11/2/12 4:42 A

Because it is not reported on the News, doesn't mean it isn't happening. Whenever I'm in the US I am staggered by how little news of other countries is reported. I don't have time to give a full reply, but the British Red Cross (to which I belong) is collecting here

and I have no doubt many other countries are pitching in too. We helped at Katrina too. I think the image that you have of the US as a victim is neither true nor fair.

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11/2/12 2:19 A

That Katrina comment...That situation did not receive nearly as much help as it should have! And as far as this hurricane, people are actually questioning the fact that people are going to help people in NJ with no question, while with Katrina, they had to BEG for help! I live on the east coast and was directly effected by the hurricane, (Not as bad as some), but I've seen many people in our own country going out of their way to help, including people in my area. When Katrina hit, they did not receive nearly as much help as they should have. In fact, people who lived there were reprimanded by comments like, "Well you should have KNOWN it was going to happen." They received very little sympathy until it was brought to the media 24/7. While this hurricane was still devastating and left many homeless which my prayers go out to ALL of them, it did not cause as much damage as Katrina.

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11/2/12 2:16 A

Meowzy's got it right. We don't really need help from other countries - we're more than capable of helping our own. But Cuba and other countries got hit hard by Sandy as well. I don't even see that on the news. Aid from foreign countries hopefully goes to less developed nations, rather than the US.

Of course, the act of supporting our country after a disaster is a nice gesture, and I'm sure it'll come, but it really should go to places like Cuba first.

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11/1/12 10:32 P

Actually, after Hurricane Katrina, there was an outpouring of international aid, some of which we accepted. We just didn't hear that much about it. It's only been three days as Ethel pointed out, so even aid from within the US is just now beginning to reach the affected areas. For those people in the midst of the disaster, every day is one day too long, but sadly, it will take some time for things to get better.

My sister lives in NJ, and just got her power back today, for which she is thankful. Her neighbor's house was made uninhabitable because of a tree falling on it. Luckily for her, the area in which she lives wasn't flooded. The fact that they got power back in just three days, is pretty remarkable, given the extent of the damage in NJ.

Unfortunately, this kind of event appears to be the new normal. Climate change means that these events will be more common now than in the past. Unfortunately, we are all going to have to realize that we need to prepare for things like this and take steps so that we can take care of ourselves for a few days until help can get to us. I was caught off guard by the derecho that hit the south and mid-Atlantic this summer, which knocked out power for several days, and so I over-prepared for Sandy. I filled my gas tank, brought in extra water, food, batteries, candles, propane for my camping stove, and even ice. I'm not sorry I did, though. I'd rather be prepared than not for the next time.

For now, all we can do for the victims of Sandy is to contribute what we can to the relief efforts and keep them in our thoughts.

--MEOW-- Posts: 4,709
11/1/12 10:31 P

Because you are a first world country, guys.... I'm sure Cuba and Haiti need more help... we're actually helping them.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 21,208
11/1/12 10:01 P

Bosnia is sending food, but it isn't going to come by UPS, think about it.........logistics comes into play. Relatives have been flown back East for power repair, they left yesterday, but it ain't gonna happen overnight, this disaster is extensive, no one is going to drop baskets of buns over the towns.

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
11/1/12 9:50 P

I'm happy to hear that they are going to make a concert to benefit the east coast, it's just heartbreaking to watch the news... I live on the east coast and thankfully it didn't hit us as bad as jersey and new york......

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11/1/12 1:54 A

Good question!!!!

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
11/1/12 12:34 A

We had a massive storm here on the east coast you've all seen the horrific pictures, people with no place to go , live, NOTHING! I don't see other countries helping us.... I don't see music stars making any kind of telethons like they did for Katrina...
It just upsets me, this country does so much for others and we get nothing in return.... and upsets me that there are a lot of people hurting and you don't see or hear of any efforts being made to help those poor people in NJ especially... but all the states that really got hit hard...
I remember Ellen and Harry Connick Jr doing a lot for New Orleans... Brad Pitt and even a telethon being done....
We on the east coast need help also....

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