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KUTEY5041 Posts: 477
2/22/13 2:19 A

Kris, thanks for all your ideas. I have copied and printed them and will put them to use.

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2/21/13 10:15 P

It sounds to me like your issue COULD be partly due to the fact that you are having difficulty REACHING the 1200 calories. Because you are doing exercisces, you definitely NEED to be eating MORE than the 1200 calories. That is the minimum for an average weight woman who lives a sedentary lifestyle. A heavier person requires MORE calories.

Where it cmes to hunger, it is possible that when a person doesn't eat enough - particularly veges - and especially dark leafy veges) then their brain can lose the ability to properly tell the stomach that it is hungry and to eat. Good, balanced nutrition AND enough calories can improve that side of it, and you might be pleasantly surprised in that your weightloss attemps may be kick-started again. You metion your bowels and the difficulty you have passing a motion, and you mention having bought some cream-filled donuts. I am wondering if the bowel part of the problem is that you are eating refined foods and not enough fibre-bearing ones, like plenty of fruit and veges. When I say "plenty" I don't mean a couple serves MOST day - I mean at LEAST 5-7 serves every day. You would find that if you add bakers bran to your cereals, gravies and casseroles you will increase the fibre as well. Adding Lentils and beans to your meals is also a really good way to add the fibre (and protein) to your diet. Make sure that you increase your fluid intake to accommodate the extra fibre. The other thing is that you also need to ensure that you are eating enough (healthy) fats because not eating enough can impact on the bowel, too. Nuts are good for that, and are good to nibble on when you aren't particularly hungry. I told my sister about a fruit mix for patients suffering with constipation, that A Dietitian told us about when I did a course at our Public Hospital (for Rest Home Cooks) The mix didn't have to be measured, but was pretty much equal portions of dried dates, kiwifruit (the green ones, not yellow), prunes and apples (including the skins) and cooking them down then pureeing them. When it is cold you add a couple tablespoons to your cereal in the a.m. (or for dessert at night with yoghurt). It really DOES help to reduce constipation which in turn reduced the laxatives and stool softeners. My sister now uses it and has found it amazing, AND tastes nice - you don't add sugar to it, but you CAN add a little cinnamon or mixed spice when it is still hot.

having said that, I HAVE to use Benefiber sometimes - as per my Dietitian's instructions. This is because I require a very high fibre diet (generally 42-50 grams daily) but on a reduced calorie level it can sometimes be a bit difficult, which results in constipation, especially if I have had to use codeine or morphine-based pain meds. She said the Benefiber because it is fine to have with medications - a lot need taking a couple hours either side - and is very low on calories - Metamucil, which is a similar product, is higher in calories and CAN interfere with meds. It is also horrible to take - it goes gluggy, whereas the Benefiber doesn't. You can put it in any drink or with food, and even cook with it.


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2/21/13 9:00 P

Hooray! So glad you had a turnaround! About the stools, though, as someone who was recently diagnosed with IBS and has chronic bouts of running to the toilet 5 times a day followed by a week or more of constipation, focusing on getting more whole grains and more fiber in general into my diet has actually made me a lot more regular! I've heard that fiber from actual food has more effect than like fiber powder in drinks, but I'm not sure.

KUTEY5041 Posts: 477
2/21/13 8:55 P

thanks everybody. I do exactly what everyone has said to do to the T. It just totally hit me wrong yesterday and for a little while, I was over it. I even had to go to the store so I decided to go ahead and buy a box of cream filled donuts. (4). I did end up eating 2 of them last night. I love them, but they really didn't even taste good. I think it was a combination of guilt for eating them out of spite to myself and knowing internally that I was not giving up because I am doing what I am supposed to do. I measure, weigh and all of that stuff. I do know that I have problems eating even 1200 calories a day for some reason. I am just not hungry that much. Also, I have issues with having a bowel movement daily. I go for several days without a bowel movement and when I do have one, it is not much of one. This is not a new issue. SO I need to work on getting enough calories, get a good stool softener (i know, not a laxative but a stool softener to take every day for help) also I am going to do as one of you said and change my weigh in day to Friday instead of Tuesdays. My exercise is good I think for me right now. I am walking 4-5 days a week and going farther every couple of days. I was up to 2 1/2 miles after a month but my last walk was over 3 miles. I have not exercised in the last 2 days now, but tomorrow it will start again. I am not overdoing it since I had been doing none, but I am doing the walking and also doing 30-40 minutes of strength spread out over the day 3-4 days also.(not aerobic - crunches, squats,calf raises, arms, etc.) I had my little pity party fit yesterday but today is a new day (i have been saying that but didn't do as I say). Anyway - it's over and I am still on board because I want to be healthy and have more energy above all else and I know the weight will come off as that gets better.
Also - and I am proud of myself for this) - first thing this morning I gave the rest of the donuts to my neighbor to get them out of the house. emoticon for the support and the words telling me in quieter terms, to get over my pity party cause I am doing mostly what I should except the too low cals and the bowel issues..that I need to get fixed. I am still all in, sticking with it and raring to go!! thanks again emoticon S

PS - last time I measured, I had lost inches. I am due to measure again next week and I betcha I my inches will be smaller than they were. -- See positive once again

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2/21/13 7:45 P

You say it's doing nothing for you, but eating right and exercising are probably saving your life. It's not all about weight loss, there are plenty of health benefits that come from eating a well balanced diet and exercising regularly that don't require you to lose a pound. Think of the weight loss as a pleasant, desirable side effect of saving your own life by living healthier. Here are some things that eating right can do for your body that don't necessarily show up on the scale:

reduce risk for stroke and other cardiovascular diseases
reduce risk for type 2 diabetes
protect against certain cancers, such as mouth, stomach, and colon-rectum cancer
reduce the risk of coronary artery disease
help decrease bone loss and reduce the risk of developing kidney stones

Don't give up now! Be healthy so you can live your life, don't live your life worrying about the scale!

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2/21/13 2:03 P


What you're experiencing really is perfectly normal. It's nothing more than a fluctuation in your water weight. Ever notice your weight goes up during TOM ? Most women tend to "gain" weight during their menstrual cycle. Is that a fat gain ? Nope. it's nothing more than a temporary water weight gain that passes in a few days. I can easily gain or lose as much as 3-4 pounds in a day because of weight retention. During my cycle, I can gain 5-7+. I don't let those ups and downs freak me out any more because they are tied to how much water I have been drinking or retaining. And there are lots of different reasons a woman will retain water.

Also, not to get TMI, but did you have a bowel movement before you weighed yourself ? Your waste products have weight. So, if you don't do a poop in the morning, the physical weight of all the food you ate the day before is still in your intestines. the food you eat has weight. the water you drink has weight. You could do everything right and still gain weight because of water retention. And that's perfectly normal.

This is not the Biggest Loser where people have dramatic losses week after week. You really will see ups and downs like this. So, try not to worry because in order to truly gain 4 pounds of fat would have required you to have eaten an extra 14,000 calories on top of your normal intake. If you didn't eat that much food, you didn't gain fat. BUT, it is easy to retain water and gain "weight".

Try it some time. Weigh yourself before and after you go to the bathroom. Did you lose weight ? YES ! Did you lose fat ? nope.

The scale is only one way to measure success and it's not the best. So, don't assume something is wrong because the scale isn't moving as fast as you'd like. weight loss is a slow steady process that takes time.

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2/21/13 10:33 A

First of all, I'd echo EVERYTHING Coach Nancy and other posters have already said. Health is about so much more than the number on the scale, and to give up just because it's hard, or it's not working "perfectly" is selling yourself short. Don't sell yourself short!

Now, for some practical tips to help "normalize" the numbers you get on the scale, since, as others have said, your weight can vary wildly day-to-day (and even throughout the day!) due to hormones, what we eat (sodium can cause water retention), etc. To get a more consistent read, I make sure to weigh myself in the morning, right after I wake up, before I've had anything to eat or drink. I use the scale in the same place on the floor every time (since I have uneven floors, if I put the scale in the wrong spot it'll weigh funny). I only weigh in "officially" (meaning I count it here on Spark) once a week, and I generally do it on Friday, since I find that I'm on my "best" diet behavior Monday-Friday, so Friday mornings are when I'm at my "best" as far as having had a low-to-normal sodium intake during the week and avoiding things that can cause weight fluctuations, like alcohol, desserts, overly big meals, etc. (I used to weigh in on Mondays, but I find that, since the weekends usually include one or two meals out for me, my sodium intake tends to run high on the weekends and I tend to be a little spongy on Mondays.) If you're only weighing in once a week, and you're doing it at the same time each week, you should get a more consistent picture of what's going on with your weight than you would be if you were weighing in daily, or at different times of the day, after meals, after workouts, etc.

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2/21/13 8:43 A

Hi KUTEY5041,

As the other poster stated our weight is not a constant number--anything from the food in our diet (high fiber) to our exercise (building the energy system which requires more stored glycogen in the muscles which causes the body to hang onto more water to aid in fueling our workouts and then cooling off period), add in your hydration and yes, even hormones and you can see why our weight does what it does.

Just remember your weight cannot measure how fit and healthy you are and for most people it is not a linear smooth process--weight loss occurs just like you mentioned. Up and down, then down and up. But it is what you see over a period of time that matters--what the experts call trending.

Giving up ensures one thing...that you won't lose the weight, but more importantly develop the habits of healthy living with the outcome being weight loss.

Hang in there! Remember this journey you are on will be one you will be on for the rest of your life, so see if you can find a way to enjoy the journey!

Stay strong!

Coach Nancy

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2/21/13 4:57 A

First I will say that it is quite likely you aren't doing anything wrong. People's weight fluctuates all the time. I could have a bigger weight difference that that in ONE and the SAME DAY! There could be a number of reasons for what is happening:
It is possible that you consumed a lot more sodium prior to the last weigh-in, compared to the previous one, causing you to retain more fluid.

It COULD be due to the time of day - i.e. I only weigh in the morning before lunch and straight after having been to the loo (that alone can ditch a LOT of weight :-) AND in the same clothes.

It may be that the physical weight of the food you had eaten the previous day was still in your system, and heavier than the previous weigh.

There are loads of other variables, but perhaps this is something for you to think about.

Don't be worried about the scales. They reflect ONLY a number. There are a load of other things that you could judge success by - things like
the quality of your sleep
how your clothes are fitting
the condition of your hair/skin
your energy levels
improved blood pressure
improved cholesterol and blood sugars

If you eat well, as in what you choose and the calorie range, and get your exercise in, AND you remain well hydrated, then you are doing all that you can for yourself and your mind and body WILL thank you for it.

Are you weighing all of your food, AND are you using the Nutrition Tracker? I would strongly suggest doing both if you aren't already. Weighing the food can actually reduce a lot of calories that we don't realize we are consuming if we don't weigh the food. Depending on what it is, this could amount to a lot more calories being eaten than realized.

I hope that this is food for thought, for you,
Good luck,

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2/21/13 2:22 A

You say it is doing nothing for you but remember healthy habits are first and foremost about getting healthy. I know losing weight is what we really want, but the fact is that's never fast and easy.

A scale isn't always the best way to measure your progress either when water weight comes into the equation. Have you tried taking measurements instead? Hips, waist, bust, biceps/thighs...

I encourage you not to give up and do what your body needs to stay healthy. The rest comes with time.

KUTEY5041 Posts: 477
2/21/13 1:15 A

I have been back on sparks for about a month and a half. I post weight once a week. I have noticed that even though I am eating right and doing exercises, my weight is doing things that make no sense. II started at 184. dropped to 182 1st week -- etc,etc, one week, it went up 4 pounds then down to losing a pound or 2 from the week before. Last weigh in was 177.8 and when I wieghed yesterday, it was 182.8 -- there is NO way I gained 4 pounds in a week eating right and doing plenty of exercise. This am it was at 180. My ex checked my scale and it is staying the same for him so it is not the scale. I am at the 99.9% point of just quitting this diet and doing exercise and checking the weight just whenever. Seems like I am doing all this for nothing now. I am WAY to close to quitting. Don't want to but I see no need to do something that is doing nothing for me

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