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7/23/13 6:09 P

WATER, WATER, WATER! So very important!

I am also a SAHM with 4 kids. Youngest is going into kinder this September so I will have some free time.

I wore a pedometer for some time and found that most days, I was no where NEAR 10,000 steps which is important.

Playing with the kids outside, like kicking a soccer ball around, playing tag or having a water fight are always fun tricky ways to put in a 10 minute bout of fitness.

I also HATE running. Always have. I have a pretty good home gym that is currently not seeing any movement, but that area is under construction and could be useful soon so I might get into doing it.

One of my fave videos here on SP is Coach Nicoles 10 minute cardio kick-boxing routine! Really brings on the sweat! Try home videos. Can be fun to do some Zumba Wii with the kiddos too!

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6/12/13 1:43 A


PASTORGODOY SparkPoints: (708)
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5/7/13 8:41 P

You need to enjoy what you are doing. I like to dance, walk with my dog, everything you do is moving your body. Even cleaning your house. Getting outside and play with your children. It is the way you change the way you live, eating smaller porches of food.

MIRANDAFRM2 Posts: 291
5/7/13 10:15 A

When I first started I bought some dvds on amazon pretty cheap and they have beginner ones too that will let you build up. You could also get an exercise ball, those are fun.

PASTORGODOY SparkPoints: (708)
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5/6/13 10:23 P

I do sitting exercising that really help me when my pain level is high. It good to do while watching TV also.

CLEISURE146 Posts: 42
5/3/13 10:22 P

Let me just state that I hate exercising. I'm 5'10 and 130lbs. I can't afford to lose anymore weight BUT I'm still not in shape. I have this saggy "butt" where my stomach used to be and exercising leaves me breathless. My dr told me to exercise because I need to rebuild my strength. I was sick again with malignant polyps and dropped 30lbs in about a month so everything is drooping all over. I looked at her as if she was crazy! Now, I'm no lazy person. I have 3 kids and I'm always busy. OCD keeps me running around the house all day cleaning and obsessing. I went for a walk with my boyfriend for 3 miles and was ready to kill him for making me walk that far. He's trying to lose weight and wants me to build my muscle back up because I lost so much of it when I was sick and he knows I can't afford to stay in the shape I'm in. So, back to the question. I turn on the music with my kids (who are in dance class) and dance around with them. Playing on the floor with your kids burns more calories than you would think too. Plus, it releases excess stress and wears the kids out!!!!

A1863GAL Posts: 59
4/22/13 2:49 P

i do zumba for an hr then the bike for 30 minutes. involve my daughter so it is fun for us both!!! Have 2 kids a 3 yr old and a 4 month old.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
4/21/13 11:36 A

workout DVDs

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4/13/13 11:56 P

I just go for a nice long walk

TOPCAT93 SparkPoints: (9,020)
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4/11/13 4:38 P

extra walking

TARESA21 SparkPoints: (2,396)
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4/10/13 1:25 P

Wow you are inspiring...i could be doing that stuff right now as i sit and type when ya think about it

JXFINK SparkPoints: (64,770)
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4/9/13 5:53 P

I am not a stay at home mom and my gym is in our spare Jr suite right down the hall, but finding the time to work out is still so hard for me. I do little bits throughout the day. I can find a couple minutes several times throughout the day so I use them. I have a mini stepper at work and 10 times a day I will get on it and step for 90 seconds. That's essentially once an hour plus a bonus 90 seconds and it equals 15 minutes of stair stepping. I follow every 90 seconds with 10 quick squats.

I drink a TON of water so I must run to the restroom a half dozen times a day and each time I do, I take an extra 30 seconds and do 20 wall push ups. At the end of the day I have done 100+ wall push ups.

Then once I get home I enjoy circuit training DVD's like Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. It takes 25 minutes, it's a great workout and it's over before you know it.

Time is a rare commodity for everyone. The trick is realizing that you have to make yourself a priority. If you aren't taking care of yourself, how can you take care of everyone else? You have to find time for YOU and take it, no matter what. Even if it's 2 minutes, 10 times a day.

JAMIECASSELL SparkPoints: (4,220)
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4/8/13 4:55 P

I have the same problem. The gym is forever away and I have a two year old at home. I would do push ups and she would lay under me looking up asking me what I was doing. Or she found out that while I was doing a DVD workout she had time to make a mess in the kitchen. It was very ditracting to be doing jumping jacks and hear a crash in another room! I started getting up an hour before she did or staying up an hour after bedtime to get in my routine. I also check pinterest for new workouts to try, just to mix things up.

TARESA21 SparkPoints: (2,396)
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4/8/13 1:48 P

Yes thanks for this, i am actually doing Herbalife..personally its my fave and ive tried quite a few of these meal replacements. i pretty much only do them for lunch. My biggest problem is i dont eat meals. I rarely do breakfast Never do lunch and make a big hearty dinner for my family. I realized that is half the reason i am the weight i am. i love to snack on all things salty and sweet throughout the day so i switched to something healthier like more fruits and veggies. I cut out all junk food from our house much to my family's dismay...and ive been trying to eat something healthy for breakfast, shake for lunch and cut down my dinner portions instead of stuffing myself blind. I posted something on the 20 somethings page trying to lost 10-20 lbs about wondering if small spurts of working out wills till work...i dont know how this works i dont have 30-60 min a day to work out or run on my elliptical. i try for distance instead of time, time does not motivate me at all so i try for 1/2 mile a day on my elliptical which i can do between 3-7 min depending on my energy level...but is this really gonna get me working my way up to more mileage since i know i wont get anywhere doing the same thing all the time. I have no endurance! I went from barely being able to do 1/4 mile a day to doing 1/4 mile twice a day and now im at 1/2 mile once a day still trying to get passed that but im struggling.....i would love if anyone could give me info on if this is gonna work for me

TURBOMOM321 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/8/13 10:48 A

I know how you feel, I don't do the gyms anymore either, set small goals for yourself and keep in mind 80% of it is nutrition (which is my hardest part) I love my elliptical but know how hard it is to keep motivated being a SAHM of 3 also. It is very stressful and all I want is a bag of chips, ice cream and a movie with no kids around!! Which is why I drink an IsaLean shake once a day and try to cleanse 3-4days a month using the Isagenix cleansing systems but with my hectic life it is hard to cleanse but it's just a work in progress.

I love my TurboFire DVDs (and I've tried a lot) it gives 15minute-60minute options, or try Pinterest workouts, or a deck of cards and each suit is a different exercise. Try 5-10 minutes on the elliptical then stop and do a set of pushups/squats, etc and do that like 3-4 times for a full body workout.

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
4/3/13 6:12 P

I also exercise at home. I dislike exercise and it is a struggle some days.
Some things help me to get going.

Scheduling a routine time to exercise- morning works better for me than evening. Doing it around the same time helps make it a habit. I have to set a timer and realize that 30 minutes to 1 hour isn't so much time out of my day. It is a choice to be healthier.

Having a variety of exercise options rather than the same thing every single day helps- I actually wrote different exercises on slips of paper to draw so I am not doing the same thing each day. I use dvd's, our treadmill, and a couple of wii games for indoor exercise.

Including my dd/having her remind me. She will ask me what exercise I am going to do and encourage me. It is pretty hard to blow her off.

I put a sticker on the calendar for each day I exercise. Seeing it on the wall helps me to want to keep going. My dd also likes adding the sticker.

TARESA21 SparkPoints: (2,396)
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4/2/13 12:17 P

Oh that is the first thing i did...i cant limit myself ive tried so i just quit...cant lie i really miss my coca cola but its gone now lol

TSHIRT24H SparkPoints: (0)
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4/2/13 12:03 P

Babysteps work the best. Try cutting out the pop first! Lots of water then find another small goal to work on! emoticon

TARESA21 SparkPoints: (2,396)
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4/2/13 11:41 A

Hi everyone, a little new to Spark. I am a stay at home mom of 3..i live way out of town in the middle of nowhere and have been making excuses as to why is so hard. I tried the gym but between dropping kids off at school, nap time for the baby and now i started babysitting it nearly impossible. Plus the closest gym to me is almost a 30 min drive. the cost of a gym plus the cost of gas each month but i gave up....well i ordered a bathing very first "mom-suit" and when i tried it on i was so ashamed. Ive always been a curvy woman, from my teen years but what i seen in the mirror terrified me. I never really looked at myself and i just couldnt take it anymore. So i got on a facebook selling site from here in my county and found a very cheap elliptical...was quite proud of the quality too. Then i made some goals and so far this is going into week 4 for me i have kept them very well. My weekends havent been so easy since my whole family is home and we have so many activities i havent taken much time to workout. IT really discouraged me how out of shape i am. Not only to i look frumpy but i could hardly run on my elliptical for 5-6 minutes before i wanted to was horrible. I couldnt do more than 6 pushups, i was such a beginner it was terrible. My friend and family actually started to tease me saying that im not fat, or there is not reason for me to be doing this...BUT i am out of shape and if i keep on this path im gonna be morbidly obese before too long. So i made small goals and am proud to say that i went from only doing 1/4 mile on my elliptical to being able to run outside for 1 whole mile. Not the biggest achievements compare to some runners but I HATE RUNNING. i always have....HOWEVER i cannot do anything else...i have always been the athletic type, softball from k-college...cheerleading, volleyball and even now i play city league softball with my hubby. You really have to trick me into working out. Well no tricks no more. I have fat i need to lose, muscles that need toning and an inner body that seriously needs a good cleansing. I am the person who could and will sit down and eat frosting out of the container, i always have some kind of sour candy on me and before this i drank half a case a coke a day...i have no idea why im not 300 lbs. I need encouragement... its spring break for my kids so there are 4 kids here and i dont want to run, i dont want to do my squats, push ups and sit ups......i want to sit down relax and eat cake...i need to push myself. I have actually told my hubby i wish i had a Marine Corps drill instructor in our dad is a Marine....i need a push....will power ..i just keep going. Thanks for letting me post this..think maybe i shouldve blogged it but i would love to hear responses

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