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9/21/12 3:57 P

BRENFID1, I hired a PT five weeks ago because I know along with cutting my calorie intake I also have to exercise. With that said, I do not like to exercise. I have joined gyms several times over the years and start off great but never seem to follow through. I make an appointment w/ my PT and she reviews my SP Food Tracker App and makes healthy alternative suggestions. This keeps me accountable to someone. She designs my workouts for me. We experiment to find out if I can do certain exercises (I'm a work in progress). She pushes me and sometimes ups my weight or repetitions! I find her guidance invaluable. She corrects my posture or reminds me to relax my neck & shoulders. She makes sure I do the exercises correctly. This is important to me because I would surely swing the weights or forget to breathe out at the right time if it weren't for her! She says she is educating me as we work together so that eventually I will be able to strength train on my own. She's a great confidence booster!

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9/21/12 1:48 A

Okay, I want to hire one for my 15 yr. old son who is 5'5 and weighs 230 lbs. He plays football and enjoys jogging, but I need for someone to be able to work out with him seriously one hour/day, doing mostly cardio that entire hour. He lifts weights but I can't get him to understand that he needs cardio to drop some of that fat! I live in a rural town in northern Missouri....about 2 hours north of Kansas City. Does anyone know how much I could pay a trainer for an hour/day?

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9/20/12 9:40 P

I think a personal trainer is a good idea if you have certain medical conditions like I do and have to take medications to control them. They can help you get the right program set up to help you get more of an idea of what you need to do. I'm personally doing it myself because of my medical history and medications.

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9/20/12 6:07 P

I've worked w/a personal trainer in the past, and I've also taken body pump/weight lifting classes offered for free. IMO, you can get the same information/instruction/motivation in the classes as you would with a trainer. Plus its better to be in the classes because you can meet like minded people who can push you along as well. I much more prefer the classes to a trainer.

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9/20/12 4:04 P

I've used a trainer in the past and found it beneficial. I was very sedentary and was just starting to exercise and wanted to work effectively without hurting myself! I bought a ten session training program and was able to choose the trainer. I think that's key, you need to talk to potential trainers and see if they meet your expectations. The woman I worked with was sweet and pushed me as much as she thought I could handle. Yes you can get the info on your own, but for me it was easier to have someone say "this is what you can do and this is how you should move and how often." And the ten sessions were spread over six weeks so I was developing the workout habit, which was great.

Now I'm starting out again (sigh), but I know what to do. Another thing to consider is that if you just want to know how to use gym equipment, someone there will show you at no charge.


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9/20/12 3:51 P

The most important function of a personal trainer would be to set you up on the right path taking into account your current fitness level. Other helpful functions would be keeping you accountable and helping you with some exercises (e.g. proper form in weight lifting).

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9/20/12 2:02 P

it depends on the trainer, and what you want. One of the Spark quizzes addresses the 'should I hire a trainer' question. Have you taken that quiz?

the trainer I worked with was the best money I've ever spent. If he was still a PT, I would hire him again. I did cardio on my own, and he was there for strength workouts 2 days a week. I still use exercises he taught me.

if you are just doing some basic cardio and using the machines at the gym, I wouldn't think a trainer would be of much use after you learn how to use the machines.

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9/20/12 1:46 P

I work out with a trainer 2 times a week. He helps me reach my goals and teaches me the right exercises to maintain my goals. I will keep working with a trainer to constantly improve. Even though, it may be possible to do on your own, it is nice to have accountability, support, and guidance from someone who's job it is to help you reach your fitness goals.

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9/17/12 11:49 P

I got some "free" hours when I signed up years ago. He was OK, but I think he pushed to hard. I was always hurting long after my day at the gym. This time around I just used common sense, this site for browsing different workouts for different areas, then took it slow and easy. It worked much better for me.

9/17/12 11:01 P

A few years back I joined a gym and got 3 sessions with a personal trainer as part of the incentive. I probably could have looked up all the information she gave me on my own, but it was nice to have a person there to guide me though. I wouldn't want to pay a lot of money on a regular basis, but if you can get a deal on a few sessions to get some good pointers and get going, I'd recommend that.

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9/17/12 10:48 P

teach you proper form, challenge you with the proper weight (I would say 99% of all women use weights that are too light), teach you new exercises and how to use equipment that you might be too intimidated to try.

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9/17/12 10:44 P

Personal trainers are great for help keeping your accountable and motivated to go to the gym. Other than that, I wouldn't waste the money. All of the information you need to create a meal or exercise plan can be found online or in books. If you have enough self-drive to stick to the plan yourself, then you don't need a trainer.

The only other big benefit of a trainer is if you are doing a lot of work with compound free weights (deadlifts, squats, etc.) and want to have your form critiqued and improved.

Good luck

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9/17/12 10:34 P

starting out a exercise program to lose weight, i just got me a membership at the gym just wondering would a personal trainer be beneficial? if yes, how can a personal trainer help me?

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