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3/1/12 7:49 P

Sounds like some quality cross-training shoes would be a good choice. Expect to pay 70.00 or more for name-brand, quality shoes. It's worth it to protect yourself and make your workout enjoyable.


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3/1/12 7:31 P

Two things may help. Properly fitted shoes to meet your needs for what you want to do, and how you doit, how you move, etc, and gradual progress. Too often we try to do too much too soon. The body takes time to adjust to any exercise.

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3/1/12 3:47 P

I guess you are better off to go to a shoe store and explain what kind of activities are you doing.
then see what they can suggest.
you don't have to buy right there, you can just figure out what you may need.
good Luck!

3/1/12 1:56 P

It takes time for the body to adapt to high impact activities. Sounds like you're doing too much jumping too soon. Try switching to a lower impact workout - like strength training.

Is the shin pain on the inner half of the shin vs. the outer? If so, then yes, get more supportive shoes.

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Good shoes do help. A good pair of trainers can make the difference, especially with shin splints! Also, what kind of surface are you working out on?

With that said: High impact exercises are always hard on your joints. No shoes in the world can eliminate all pain permanently. Jumping jacks and running are the worst for me... I always get shin splints.

As for what kind of shoe is the "best" there's no such thing. YOu'll get as many recommendations for shoes as there are feet! What is best for you is determined by so many factors that you should probably head to a store where you can be properly fitted based on your foot type, gait, and needs.

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3/1/12 1:26 P

Hey!! I'm new and I have a quick question. I started exercising again a few weeks ago. I'm doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred every other day and walking on the opposite days. AND I'M IN PAIN!
Of course my body hurts from all the hard work, but my shins and my right heel hurt so bad after I finish. If I take a few days off it gets better, but as soon as I start again the pain comes back. I'm not sure if it's because I haven't exercised in a while and it's too much too soon or if I'm actually hurting myself. Walking doesn't hurt too bad, it's the stuff with impact. jogging, jumping jacks, butt kicks, jump rope, etc.
Could it be my shoes? Should I be wearing shoes that have a hard thick sole? Shin Splints? Heel Spurs?
If anyone has any experience I'd be grateful for advice. I'm thinking that I may have to head to the doctor.
It's so frustrating because I'm actually losing a little weight and I don't want to stop exercising!!

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