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7/9/12 2:12 P

I know! I hate when I am a good girl and reserve all my calories for dinner because I know I am going out to eat.... and I order the healthiest thing on the menu, but there's just so much salt, so my body retains the water and I get up in the morning and I weigh 2 pounds more. It sucks!!!

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7/6/12 10:32 A

I'm frustrated with weighing in every morning/day. One day I've lost 4 pounds, the very next morning I've gained that 4 right back. I guess it's water, so I will refrain from weighing every singe day - maybe every Friday or very third day.

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7/5/12 4:17 P

I used to do mornings but I've been having good results with right before dinner :) Actually, to be honest, I weigh myself every day at both times now but I record the lower of the two :)

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7/5/12 3:58 P

You can weigh any time as you'd like, just be consistent with when you weigh. Many members prefer to weigh themselves first thing in the morning after they go to the bathroom. Some weigh with clothes. Some weigh nekkid.

Also, if you tie your emotions to the scale, don't weigh yourself every day. Once a week is fine. You really won't see a dramatic change in the scale from day to day. If you do, it's a water weight fluctuation, not a fat loss.

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7/5/12 3:52 P

I usually weigh myself first thing in the morning after using the bathroom.

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7/5/12 3:43 P

When is the best time to weigh myself? I have always wondered if there was a right time to do so. Any advice would be nice. Thanks.

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