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BRANDIG7 Posts: 2,198
3/29/12 5:02 P

If you go on the fitness page, you can actually map the route that you walked to figure out how far it is. It's near the bottom of the page, under where your total fitness minutes/calories burned is. If you map your route, then you can divide the time it took you by the number of miles. Then you can track your calories burned more accurately :)

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,456
3/29/12 4:13 P

18-20 min/mile is a good walking pace, although walking a dog is probably more likely to be around 25 min/mile?

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (79,204)
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Posts: 2,170
3/29/12 3:37 P

Roughly around 18-20min/mile...

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (79,204)
Fitness Minutes: (79,213)
Posts: 2,170
3/29/12 3:36 P

Roughly around 18-20min/mile...

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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3/29/12 3:35 P

If all you want to track are the minutes, you can simply enter your dog walking in the QuickTRacker, although it will not estimate the calories you burned. Alternatively, you can enter it as low-impact aerobics.

PLATYPI Posts: 4
3/29/12 3:31 P

They just want you to put your distance down and the time it took you (25min). If you don't care about the distance so much, I would guess you did around 1.5 miles at a relaxed pace...more if you were hoofing it. :) If you don't want to mess with the milegae you can always enter just your time and the activity in the cardio section instead and ignore the mileage section.

CAPTAINMORGAN2 Posts: 17,153
3/29/12 3:24 P

I walked my dog for 25 minutes and that is what i want to enter into fitness but they always want me to enter that min/mile thing. i don't even understand what that means. I walked my dog 25 minutes, that is all i want to enter. How do i do it? Georgine

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