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4/9/11 7:58 A

Thanks for the prayers and support you 3 that answered.I just need to vent that day..take a step back and count my blessings instead problems,Jade is doing much better,being a teen is so hard especially these days.

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4/5/11 11:13 A

I hope you don't mind if I take a moment to pray for you and your family.
Lord, this family needs you so much! Lord, offer your love, peace, and strength to this woman and this family. Give them hope again lord. Help them to realize that life is a precious gift and You can make the trials of this life easier. You are the answer Lord when there is no answer, when there is no hope in sight. Bless this family Lord and help them to find the assistance they need to deal with all of this and to find friends, family or others that are willing to share your love with them every day. Lord, I lift them all up to you in Jesus name. amen.

4/4/11 7:02 P

You really have your hands full. Just take it one day at a time, and don't be afraid to seek help, especially for your daughter.

4/4/11 4:49 P

Oh, you really have your hands full! I hope things start getting better soon.

Just take it one moment at a time.

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4/4/11 10:51 A

Hi everyone :-)..I need to vent...I am sorry I hope this post doesnt bring anyone down,i'm usually positve...I had been having success this time with my weight loss Ive been making time for me,and actually feeling happy..I lost my 16 year old son in 2002 and t the time my older son was an active drug addict..since all of that I quit my high paying job and threw myself in to raising my remaining children my yougest son who is 22 and a blessing my 2 girls that are 14,&15,,,I went back to work as a fry cook just in the summer,slow paying..but I get lots of time with my oldest son has been clean for over year i hve a new step grand daughter 4 and granddaughter that just turned seemed better..alot better...i started spark in jan....made myself a priority..workouts eating healthy..i had been hppy..the girls had been doin g this with was great..then my daughters bf broke up with her and i found her inj her room od'd on ativn and had cut soft spoken beutiful daughter..whom is with me ll the time never inn trouble,,good in school...doesnt want to live anymore...i cant seem to get back in control....its not about me..its about Jade..but I wanted this..i needed this...i just need to figure out how to be here for her while she gets better but to try not to lose myself again.....not to mention be there for my other beutiful daughter..anyway its just kinda felt good to let it out :-( ..I hope everyone is doing well in their journeys again sorry to be a downer Ann

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