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7/6/13 11:27 A

My family says they're supportive, but their actions are a bit different. They always get mad or don't understand why I can't have just one piece of cake, or just a few glasses of wine. They say things like "oh, just this one time". They don't seem to understand....."just this one time" is what I told myself and that one time turned into many and now here I am! And if they know I'm trying to lose weight, then why do they keep coming up and shoving cake or pie or candy in my face and asking me if I want some? I don't get it. =/

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7/2/13 3:43 P

I have family like that too. Thankfully I don't see them much. My immediate family, husband, parents, and sister are very supportive. I don't know why people are the way they are. We can't change them we just have to learn to let it go. The thing I laugh at most is my family who are "dieting", I giggle every time I talk to them. They don't get that you have to change your life. While I am enjoying cake they are hungry and jealous. Don't let them get you down, keep up your great work.

7/2/13 10:13 A

I understand that. My family and coworkers don't understand why I eat clean and run so much! They don't understand how toxic their lives are and that I don't want that for my family! I also eat gluten free due to migraines and every family dinner is say baked ziti with italian bread and cake! They think I'm being silly when I bring a piece of chicken to have with the salad I brought LOL. Sometimes families are the worst when it comes to support! I just let it roll of my back and am confident in my lifestyle. Keep at your goals and don't let them bring you down! You always have support here and at the gym and class you mentioned! Hang in there :)

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6/30/13 11:58 A

I have had a few of my family members be unsupportable of my journey and make comments such as well you ran 3 miles why not 4? Another thing too I have bad acid reflux I had it when I was smaller too so my weight isn't an issue but when my sister makes comments such as well your dramatic it isn't painful or if you weren't so fat. I work out up to 3 times a week and eat much better now due to that. I have found support through my gym and a local class. All of these people are in the same boat and have been very supportive along with my fiance. It has taken me time to realize that not everyone will be supportive but just because it's not family doesn't mean they don't care.

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