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6/14/12 1:55 P

I accidentally downloaded a song (who would have thought I would have fallen in love with it!) but it's totally been my inspiration to get where I need to be so that I can have a baby.

It's called Capri by Colbie Caillat.

It's an accoustic song and it is very slow, but I listen to it working out because the words are exactly what I need to think about.

ROADRUNNER201 Posts: 623
6/13/12 1:05 P

Do you have PCOS? After my son was born almost 4 years ago, my hormones went CRAZY and I developed PCOS and haven't been able to get pregnant again. I started with this herbal/vitamin/mineral regimen called the Insulite System for PCOS and I can tell it's helping my hormones balance out because not only have I not had a cyst rupture for four months now (haven't gone longer than a month since this mess started) but I am finally getting to the point where some of the weight is coming off.

Good luck, lady!

MERRY82 Posts: 48
6/9/12 10:07 P

I was also in that boat about two years ago. We had been trying to get pregnant for almost two years. I knew I needed to lose weight, my husband is also overweight, which did not help. I started running at the gym ( I never ran before) and got to where I could run for about an hour. I lost about 20 lbs, I don't remember how long it took, probably about 6 months. Finally after losing a little over 20lbs and eating healthier I got pregnant. I had our daughter in Oct of 2010, and I have just now lost all the weight I gained while preg and got back to what I was right before.

If you really want to get pregnant I would use that as your motivation. Plus you will have a better chance of having a healthy pregnancy if you are healthy before hand.
Just know there is hope, You can do it!

SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
6/7/12 5:39 P

Best wishes to the both of you! Even though my years of infertility struggles are behind me (we did IVF) I do know how difficult it is.

Your first step is done- acknowledging that you need to be here. Consider it day one and finish it right. Tomorrow, do something to take another step in the right direction. Don't stop the next day. Start a journal here or on your own, use the tools here and dive in.

If you don't have the motivation or energy to do this for YOURSELF, how will you find the energy and motivation to do it for your future children? Do it for yourself now so that you can be there for your children in every way when they come to you.

6/7/12 3:35 P


My friend, you and I are in the same situation. I look at my best friend (who has had three seperate pregnancies sine I've met her- this most recent one she dropped on me being the only healthy and so far successful) and she wasn't even trying! Whereas, my husband and I are trying and desperately. I want to be a mom, he wants to be a dad, and I'm terrified that due to my weight I won't ever be able to get pregnant- and if I do I'm afraid it won't be a healthy pregnancy. But no matter where I look to start, some part of life's trials and tribulations knocks me on my butt and I need to work up the courage to try again. It's a sad thing for me, but just this morning I was due to take another test- and it was negative. But if this is something that we both honestly want, we have to quit being afraid. Take ten minute walks when we wake up and before we go to bed. I used to run quite a bit and now I can barely make it around the block. I feel we're starting too big and need to portion it out.

Message me on here, and we can keep each other in check. From woman to woman, I know how you feel.

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6/7/12 12:07 P

I really really need to lose weight. I have been heavy most of my life and I am currently at my heaviest. I visited the doctor today and was astonished that I have gained another 10 lbs since being at the doctor just 3 months ago. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while now and with being this overweight I'm sure it contributes to being infertile. So I really need to lose weight but I have no motivation or energy to do anything. I really need some motivation and maybe a buddy to help me through this. I have considered joining Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers but they are so expensive!!! Can anyone help me?? Or have any suggestions on how I can find more energy?? I have reached the desperate point.

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