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3/28/12 11:15 A

Took me a little to figure it out as well... Check and see what your incline goes up to first. The one I use at the gym is ranked 0-15, so a 10% incline is not 1.0 but rather 1.5. After solving that, it wasn't hard to figure out the rest. Hope that helps!

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3/27/12 11:20 P


Is this a manual or electric treadmill? Are the incline settings ranked from 0-15?

Coach Nancy

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3/27/12 9:50 P

Thanks! Google is my next spot to check, but thought maybe someone knew. Have a great night!

3/27/12 9:42 P

I honestly have no idea the answer to your question. But in case no one else here knows, you might want to try googling your treadmill's model and perhaps a couple keywords (Horizon T401 incline fitness tracker, or something like that). Or maybe if you google just the model name, the owners manual will be online? Sometimes google is the only place I can find the answers to my questions! Whether someone here knows or you have to google it, I hope you can find the answer :-)

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3/27/12 9:09 P

So I'm sure all treadmills are different, hut I've lost my owners manual and am wondering if anyone can help me.....i have a Horizon T401 treadmill & I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how the incline coorelates to our fitness tracker....

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