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4/29/12 2:12 P

I have never liked tracking, but with this tracking app with spark people, it is so easy! yikes! I am so bad with my water intake. I post my tracking at night before I go to bed. I have gleened some great ideas here! emoticon

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4/29/12 12:53 P

I did have a tendency to not track my water intake, which I find water is crucial - so this is my goal this week! emoticon

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
4/29/12 10:39 A

I, too, often write in a notepad, when I am out and not near my computer.
I don't have a "smart" phone and an app to do it on the run (if you do - perhaps that would be more exciting?)

I like to add things to favourites
I like to add recipes to see what is going on (often before I decide to make it)
I learned how to "group" food items (a salad I make often, for example), and add that way.

There's lots of tools to use, but only you can decide to use them.
As you have said, you have allowed your weight to creep.
Perhaps "seeing" things will give you tools and goals to change things for the better

NIGHTFLOWER03 Posts: 441
4/27/12 11:02 A

I like to track my food because it helps me hold myself accountable for the choices I'm making. I don't want to see a massive caloric intake that exceeds my range numbers. So I am more likely to stay on track. I did have a period of like 3 weeks where I wasn't tracking my food because I got busy and didn't think it was a big deal. I didn't lose weight any of those weeks. Which really bummed me out because I did my workouts and everyhting else. So I am back to tracking again. It can be tedious to do so, but it must be done to stay on course.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/27/12 9:55 A

You could also add foods to your favorites especially the ones that you eat all the time. We are creatures of habit and typically eat the same kinds of food with modifications. Enter your favorite recipes so that they will always be just a click away.

WYNTER61 Posts: 52
4/27/12 9:44 A

Thanks SWEETTOOTH712, I will try that.

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4/27/12 9:33 A

Hi Wynter, I have not found a way to keep tracking interesting or exciting, however, I have found a way to reduce the amount of time I spend tracking my calories. I keep a notepad and pencil close by and track whatever I eat. Once a day, I set aside some time to enter the information on SP. Tracking can be very time consuming if you have to log on after every meal and snack.

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4/27/12 9:31 A

WYNTER61 Hello,

Maybe you don't even have to answer the 'whys' and just do it. The results of knowing what you are eating, where you go over, under or hit the target ranges will reveal to you where you need to make changes, The trackers are tools, free to be utilized on your way to success.

WYNTER61 Posts: 52
4/27/12 9:16 A

I ask myself why don't I like tracking what I eat? Is it too time consuming or am I just being lazy? I have let the scale go up an up, little by little. How do you keep the tracking part interesting/exciting? I am losing motivation but not losing weight.

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