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You can make corn tortillas crispy in the microwave. Once crispy, you can break them into chips.

This method requires a little experimenting. Zap a tortilla for a minute and it will be soggy, even wet, on the bottom. Flip it over, zap again, and much of the moisture will be gone. Sometimes it takes a few turns, as every microwave is different; you’ll have to figure out the timing with yours. Be careful as they’ll burn quickly once dry. I put them in the microwave between paper towels. Again, experiment as some tortillas will stick to the towels and the towels aren't absolutely necessary (just a bit quicker).

With flour tortillas, I find crisping in the toaster oven is more effective than the microwave.

I've also done flour ones on the grill, but never tried this method with corn ones.

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6/13/12 9:00 A

We crisped tortillas on the grill last night. Yummy.

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Buy corn tortillas. Cut into wedges. Fry in hot oil till they just start to brown. Remove to paper towels and salt(or garlic!)
Not so healthy, but very tasty.

Baked corn tortillas taste pretty good without the deep frying calories. They are better with a little mist of oil (much less than for frying, just enough to make spices stick and improve flavor). Cut up, toss in a 350degree oven till crispy.


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You can make baked tortilla chips easily. Buy some flour tortillas (the soft kind), cut them up into pieces. I usually toss with a little olive oil and sea salt but you can just spritz with spray oil if you prefer. Then lay out onto baking sheets, pop into oven at about 350. I think they take about 10 - 15 minutes to bake but just keep an eye on them to make sure they don't burn. Maybe at about 7 minutes flip them over for even cooking.

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i need a recipe for tortilla chips.... emoticon

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