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6/24/12 1:56 P

today is day 3 for me also. i am doing okay in the part where i have to also give up one thing according to my Tops chapter, but cutting back in sugar i still have to work on. I did my journaling and my exercise and leaving a message on the Sparkpeoples message board. Those things are not hard, but when I have to admit to late night eating, i hate that cause i have to go to bed early in order to avoid late night eating and sometimes i just do not like doing that even though for my health I have to learn how. i can always say i need to do something, but somethings like late night eating and lack of sleep are two of the hardest things for me to do.thank you for the encouragement, and keep it coming. emoticon

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6/24/12 12:34 P

today is day 3 for me. I LOVE this system. It makes it clear and easy. Keeps you motivated to "earn/gain" those points...I use this as additional motivation.

Good luck!!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,098
6/24/12 7:16 A

Don't quit. That is all that matters. Keep at this and you will see results.

I know ice cream in the hot summer is an issue, but I make my own POPS with diet soda and frozen strawberries, or some yogurt in them, etc. I bought the "molds" at Walmart. My family likes them as well.

Here is some ideas from an on-line article:
Here are four healthy, low-cal freezer pops to make at home:

Chocolate Raspberry Frozen Yogurt Pops: What makes your cherry popsicle red? Cherries? Wrong! Food dye. If you want to avoid food dyes, how about making a vibrant popsicle out of actual fruit? Chocolate chips add a sweet counterpoint to these tangy bright-pink raspberry pops. Strawberries would work equally well.

Watermelon Blueberry Ice Pops: If you’re watching the amount of added sugars you consume, but want to avoid artificial sweeteners that are created in a lab (such as aspartame), then these pops are for you. These were a staff favorite during the development process. These pops have only 1 gram of added sugar and the whole blueberries have the look of watermelon seeds.

Mocha Ice Pops: A popular brand of fudgesicles sold at the supermarket come in at around 60 calories—which isn’t bad. But I prefer to make my own instead. Why? For one, I can recognize all the ingredients. Plus I can infuse my pop with a little coffee flavor. Our refreshing pop has 54 calories, just a little less than a fudgesicle, but every little bit counts! A little of the cocoa settles at the bottom as they freeze, making a special chocolaty surprise on the top once the pop is unmolded.

Vanilla Orange Freezer Pops: Our creamy vanilla-flavored orange juice pops will transport you back to the days of standing in line at the ice cream truck. They have only four ingredients and 53 calories compared to a popular brand of low-fat creamsicles sold at the supermarket, which have 25 ingredients and 100 calories. I think homemade is the clear winner here, don’t you?

Need Popsicle Molds? Find molds by Tovolo ($9.95 for a set of 6 star-shaped molds) and more supplies for making frozen treats at

DIY Molds: If you don’t have your own funky molds, divide the ice pop mixture among small paper or plastic cups instead. Freeze until very thick, but not completely frozen, 1 to 2 hours. Insert frozen-treat sticks and continue freezing until completely firm, 4 to 5 hours more.

WALDEN3 Posts: 117
6/23/12 4:53 P

today is my first day that i decided to open up my "Sparks" book and start my fast break action points. I hope to be able to do the whole thing. I have bought a journal to records my food in and why i eat when i snack late at night and what it is that i am snacking on, This program is 28 days long for this chapter, so I am hoping I can make it through the entire book and be able to lose weight. being a persistent person in this area has always been hard for me, however, i decided to give it yet one more try. I hope I have a lot of people that can root me on because I am going to need it. one of my actions i have to do in this fast break chapter is post to the message board 5 out of seven days of the week.i also belong to Tops in the town i live in and right now i am keeping track of fruits and vegetables that i eat that start with the letter of the alphabet. in addition to this, we have another sheet that we had to sign that included 2 things we had to either give up on, or cut back on. giving up on ice cream is tough in the summer time when it is hot. cutting back on sugar i also have to do. that is going to be the hardest of the two; but God willing I will be able to do it. Here's to my health, and may i be able to lose some weight by at least the end of the summer.

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