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3/28/12 2:05 P

Ahhh the teenage years. Just watch for signs of eating disorders and pray for early 20s LOL

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
3/22/12 2:36 P

Everyone is right. Teen years are messed up years. Society shows us ridiculously thin people that we are told are beautiful. If a guy that maybe she does like thinks some actress or model is beautiful, she might think about trying to emulate them.

Dragonchilde is right. You might have to quiet your celebrations to maybe this website for a bit. I know my mom struggled with weight, and having my daughter made me decide now that I am going to be fit for my daughter, not constantly "trying" and then stashing reese's peanut butter cups or other things around the house. I want her to see us eating healthy, and BEING healthy. Going for bike rides, walks, playing... all kinds of things like that. Granted, I have it much easier, because my daughter is 9 months. If I can reach my goals, by the time she is 1 year old, I will almost be there.

I'm not sure where you live, but outside pretty much every GNC is a scale. It gives you your weight, your healthy range, and whether you are over or under weight. Have her jump on. I know that I had an underweight friend who was obsessed with her weight. When I showed her that, she woke up and started gaining a little bit of weight here and there. She finally looks HEALTHY. (She was so thin she didn't have breasts)

Help your daughter understand fit and healthy, and yes, maybe encourage weights and strength training so that she is fit. She probably already is. Encourage healthy eating choices and nutrition. I think all of that will help.

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3/20/12 5:06 P

Encourage her way of thinking away from that; some of it she may be picking up from you. I know I'm guilty of talking about my weight loss a lot. Don't tell her she's fine, either; she doesn't want to hear that, and she'll just roll her eyes.

Suggest she take up weights to tone her arms and body... don't mention weight loss, but tell her muscle takes up less room than fat, and she will feel stronger. Focus more on her activity level. Try to encourage her to look at ways other than the scale to measure her own progress.

This may mean you need celebrate those lbs lost yourself a little less loudly... tell her more about what you can do now, instead of how much you weigh. Maybe try crowing bout walking more miles than you used to. :)

I celebrate my muscles gained, rather than my weight lost, in front of my kids... I don't even keep the scale out where they can see it. I want them seeing the results... not hearing about me bemoaning the fat.

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3/20/12 8:22 A

Oh, to be sixteen again.........

I took the liberty of checking her BMI at According to her weight and height, she's 19.1. That's normal.

I can remember being sixteen. I was 5'8", weighed 125 even if you wrapped me in a blanket and threw me in a creek, but I was also worried about getting "fat." One wrong word from a certain guy in my life back then and I was doing two hours of Tae-Bo and not eating all day. The teenage years are a very weird period. Right now, she's being a normal sixteen year old girl. If she starts showing signs of extreme dieting, bulimia, or just anything that isn't normal for her, take her to her doctor.

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3/19/12 10:17 P

My daughter (age 16) has always been thin--and she still is, just not as thin as she was at 13 or 14. She's 5'3" and weights about 108, having put on about 10 pounds in the last year. She is an athlete and is very fit, but she is always worried about her weight and complains that she is getting fat. I keep telling her that she is fine and that it is completely normal to weigh more as a young woman than she did in her early teens. Anyone else have this kind of situation? Any advice?

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