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3/3/12 4:11 P

Hi Walden,
I couldn't get to your page because you are private, but the best way to find great information on all aspects of health, nutrition, and exercise is to join teams that have common interests or issues. There are teams for people who have various disabilities or limitations that suggest many great exercise plans. Coach Nicole's videos are wonderful because she has chair exercises or modifies any routine. The experts are so knowledgeable and the articles are so abundant you will never read them all. The nutrition experts are amazing.
I suggest the you use the Sparkpoints page each day to guide your use of the site. It will show you as you go down the list where everything is.
Read the inspirational and motivating stories. You will find others you can relate to and be motivated by their stories.
If you have any technical questions you can go to those message sites. I am relatively new and have used those experts when I am "stuck" knowing how to operate the site.
Find supportive friends who will also give you positive reinforcement and suggestions.
Good luck with your journey!!!
Leslie in California

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3/3/12 2:33 P

thank you for the explanation. It sounds like a blog in a way. I am trying to keep up with sparkpeople, but recently i have just been keeping up with the mail and maybe the sparkpoints. I have not been motivated very much.i definitely need to get since i am over 50 but my biggest problem is being addicted to sugar. my weight is 170 pounds right now and i want to go down to 125 before the end of the year.what i am basically looking for are easy exercises that won't strain my back since it tends to hurt after a short time of exercise.years ago i use to do repetitive movement for 8 hours a day where twisting my body was involved the whole time. my doctor at that time i was suppose to use my back brace most of the time, but i stopped after awhile. I have a back brace now, but i do not use it. I just do not know what to do. I was hoping you could help tell me the best thing to do. emoticon

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2/3/12 6:10 P

When you join a team and visit the team page you will see a section on the page that is titled "huddle". You click on it, the 'huddle' pops up and you can check and submit and prewritten comment or encouragement to the team or write one independently. Some of the teams huddle like crazy and others might be lucky to get a comment a day. You have to choose how active/involved you want to be and set your goal. I enjoy visiting my huddles daily...but you have to post a note on the team page in order to have your participation counted. Just play around and keep Sparkin'!!!

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2/2/12 11:56 P

What is a team huddle and where do you find it?

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