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5/22/12 9:49 A

OMG, this is wonderful! Thank you so much!

We don't eat bacon in the house (it's a no-no food for me cuz I love it soooo much) but perhaps the anchovy paste may work. Good idea, thanks! :)

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5/21/12 11:58 P

I found this nifty chart which lists lactose percentages of many dairy products:

I'm lactose intolerant but Parmesan cheese doesn't bother me at all. With me, the younger the cheese is, the worse (i.e. cottage cheese). emoticon

PITZEL2 Posts: 25
5/21/12 10:28 P

Parmesan is very strong but also salty. Could you try sprinkling a little bit of crumbled bacon or fake bacon, or perhaps a tiny bit of pureed anchovy?

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5/12/12 10:34 A

Thanks guys, it really does! I love your idea about adding fresh garlic and mushrooms. I've never heard of that cheese before, does it taste like sheep? You know how goat cheese has a strong goat flavor - is sheep the same way?

Thank you!


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5/11/12 4:41 P

You may try machego cheese it is from sheep milk. She may be able to tolerate this I was on a non cow milk diet. This cheese is delicious. You can grate. Or just use a vegetable peeler for strips. Hope this is helpful emoticon

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
5/11/12 2:28 P

The cheese is a strong flavor! There is crumbly tofu that might substitute the texture but I'm not at all sure about the flavor, and one would of course want to make sure that the product itself was free of milk.

Since you want to cut the tomatoes too, I think what I might do is cut out the garlic salt, use a couple or three fresh garlic cloves (minced or chopped), add mushrooms, and add just a teensy bit of a butter-flavored oil or margarine. Of course only do this if you like mushrooms!

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5/10/12 10:03 A

My daughter is lactose intolerent and a lot of recipes call for parmesean cheese. Since parm. has such a bold flavor, I feel like I need to replace it with something...but I'm not sure what. I'm specifically looking at this recipe -
il.asp?recipe=2630. Also, I'd have to omitt the tomatoes since no one but me likes them. Thanks!


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