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4/21/12 11:13 P

I step at a time! Try not to overload yourself with to much information, it can be overwhelming and cause you to backslide. Keep up the good work!

LYNSEY723 Posts: 3,114
4/18/12 6:16 P

You are doing great!! Keep up the good work, you will slowly learn what works for you and what doesn't! I noticed you are having problems with the food tracker... I would suggest plugging in partial descriptions.

For example, I had a hard time finding Country Crock Macaroni and Cheese. I just put in Country Crock and scrolled through those. I was still unable to find it, so below the list there are little circles you can click to change your search criteria. I go to member entered foods if I am unable to locate what I want. Do remember, these are not always accurate. If I have a package in front of me, I will look at nutrition information to verify what is correct.

If I am going out and I cannot find the exact meal I am eatting, I will look for a similar restaurant/food and look at average calories. Feel free to send me a message if you have questions or just need someone to talk to! Good luck!!

4/14/12 2:13 P

I'm learning to eat S-L-O-W-L-Y and actually notice the food (ie, no reading, no internet or TV). I am eating at the table, with actual dishes, chewing my food and setting the fork down in between bites. I don't know why this makes a difference but it does - it took me 15 minutes to eat a bowl of cereal and yogurt this morning! It usually takes me about five. Yesterday at a luncheon I was able to actually NOT eat everything on my plate - I only ate two bites of a piece of cheesecake! This has literally NEVER happened to me before. Usually I just shovel it down while others are talking, but I participated in the conversation.

The other goal I am working on is to eat within my macronutrient ranges - I'm not worried about calories so much, but if I hit within the ranges for carbs, fat, and protein I usually stay within the calorie range anyway, and I know I'm eating right. I also very seldom feel hungry between meals if I do this.

Start small, and slowly. Change one thing at a time, and things that make sense and feel right to you. Don't think of it as a diet.

Hang in there, and good luck! emoticon

EMMACORY Posts: 22,412
3/29/12 11:24 A

Jen, If you have lost 5 pounds in three weeks you are certainly doing something right! I don't know if you are a fan of the library but they also have resources that you can read as you figure out what works for you in the nutrition arena. Some of the books are interesting to look at "Eat this, not that"....some help with portion control. And as the others said, changing one or two things at a time helps to make it a habit and not to feel so overwhelmed. You are on your way...keep going and we will keep rooting. emoticon

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3/29/12 11:06 A

Thanks for the advice everyone. Im not giving up im more determined then ever. i have lost about 5 pds in the last 3 weeks. im feeling better still get overwhelmed at time. i am having trouble with the nutritoin log on here i cant seem to figure out how to work it it dont list the food that i do eat and what is listed i dont have any help would be great with that part. im still learning this site but seems great so far if i could only figure out the food part on here anyways thanks everyone its noce to be able to vent and not be looked down on thanks

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3/28/12 11:05 A

Jen - I assume based on what you said that you're still in the fast break stage? So do this, use the full two weeks of the plan before you give up. Track what you eat but don't try to change your entire diet overnight. You gave up soda - awesome! That is really a big deal - I know many many people who have a terrible time just doing that. Now, let your body get used to the change. Take some time to acknowledge how you feel.

Next, eat carbs, they are not bad for you! Just choose the best carbs for your body. Example: potatoes are one of my favorite foods but they are high carbs and calorie too. Solution for me? I have started adding cauliflower into my mashed potatoes (boil it right in with the spuds) or adding in 1 sweet potato for every 2 regular potatoes that I roast. Love bread? Me too! But, I also know that 2 slices or a regular bun averages 200 calories. So unless it is AWESOME bread (like fresh out of the oven or artisan from a fancy bakery) I skip it and eat extra veggies or more lean protein. That brings up your "not full half the time" issue. You can eat a pound of spinach but if you are not satisfied, you'll binge later. I am an advocate for eggs. They are a great natural source of protein and a "whole food". I recommend getting locally farmed or organic cage free from the store to get the best eggs but the fat and protein keeps you satisfied for longer. That is why humans gravitate to the fattiest foods in the first place, fat digests slower that carbs or protein and keeps us full longer.

Don't try to learn everything in one day, week, or month. We all put our weight on over many years time. No one gains 50 lbs overnight nor will they lose it that fast either. This is a marathon not a sprint. Your body WILL change for the better. You WILL get stronger and fitter. You just need to give it time to work. And we're all here rooting for your success. Just follow the program and it will happen for you!


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3/28/12 10:30 A

Take a deep breath- it is all about baby steps. It can seem overwhelming but use the site to help you! There are a lot of tools on here to help you.

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
3/28/12 9:52 A

It really is overwhelming in the very beginning! Step back, take a deep breath!

As others said, you don't have to change everything at once. You are already doing REALLY well just being here and learning more!

You have made wonderful positive changes with eating more veggies & fruit, quitting soda and drinking more water! Keep that up!

Unless the "someone" who told you to watch the added carbs is your doctor or nutritionist, you don't have to take their advice, and you don't have to feel like a loser for ignoring their advice. You get to decide what you can and want to do. Maybe that's something you do want to do; maybe you want to do it later, but not now. That is perfectly fine.

It sounds like you have made a great start, though. You can do it!

3/28/12 3:00 A

Here's a two-birds-with-one-stone.
I didn't intend to stop drinking soda (diet coke) this year. Its a comfort food and if you're dealing with a lot of stress, "depriving" yourself is an added burden.
But what I *did* intend to do was to drink less. And drink more water.
So I made a rule.
For every soda (or alcoholic beverage) I consumed, I had to immediately drink 8 oz of water (not downing it, but I had to get one, set it down and drink it soon.

The eventual (only 6 weeks or so)... I was drinking my goal in water (8 - 8 ounce glasses a day) AND I no longer craved soda. I craved water.
So I go a week or two before I drink another soda. I let myself drink it, but I don't stock it in the house anymore and I have now drank my water quotient for 48 days straight.

simple steps- no cold turkey- focus on one or two changes max... then add the other goals later.

LUNA0622 Posts: 10
3/27/12 10:07 P

Good for you!! I agree with the message below! Just go slow. It took me quite a bit to begin figuring things out on here and I'm just now learning about the community aspect even though now I've been here for five weeks. It is super overwhelming, at least it was to me at first. But I heard about this through co-workers who were really losing the weight visibly over about a month and a half time. And it does work! On the nutrition tracker, I did have to remove some of the nutrition I was tracking because I was getting frustrated at not hitting them all correctly daily. I talked with my doctor and she said some of the ranges are just a little different for everyone and as long as you don't have any deficiencies, do the best you can and it will work for you. So don't sweat it, you're off to a great start it sounds like!! Just keep going!!

NEWMOM20121 SparkPoints: (79,675)
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3/27/12 7:06 P

Baby steps, it is all about baby steps. You are doing the right thing watching you calories and stopping the soda and drinking more water. However, there is so much to learn that you can not get it all overnight, also you have to make this work for you. I plan my meals for the day, that way I can see what works. If I am going to work I need a sandwich, so I include that in my tracker (pita bread sandwichs for me now). If you get stressed and flustered you are much more likely to stop. Take it slow, drink you water, track what you would normally eat and see how that goes. Spark People is not about being hungry or making you stressed. You can do this. Be prepared for a LOT of advice.

JEN8130 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/27/12 5:27 P

ok so i just started this diet thing and the more i read the more stressed i get i think I'm doing right but the more i learn the less i feel i know I'm just watching calories and have quit drinking soda drinking more water and eating alot more veggies and fruit but some things i have been eating are low calorie but high carb or vice versa was not paying much mind to the carbs till someone tells me today to watch the carbs and added sugar I'm not full half the time after i eat but i dent let that get to me but when i think I'm eating good and find out I'm not i feel like a loser like whets the point it drives me crazy everything i read tells me something different i cant afford any programs or food any advice and help would be appreciate

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