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CHYNNA81 Posts: 1,161
10/29/12 7:13 P

It's funny I came across this thread last week. I was feeling very sick 1 week post and two week post I developed thrush very nasty type fungal infection on your tongue from the antibiotics. But I had no clue, I had an ER visit for dehydration so after that I knew I had to keep hydrated but.....I just couldn't drink anything. Everything made me feel sick! Saw my surgeon and I mentioned my white tounge and she figured it out. I am only 2 and a half weeks post R and Y Gastric bypass with a hiatel hernia repair.

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10/29/12 5:35 A

I am 3 yrs out and only 8 pounds away from goal.The lap band for me was a god sent yes
I have gotten sick but I all so no that if I eat my food slowly it definatly makes a difference.
My main problem is when I go to eat meat it is very hard to digest.I find that if I take a bit
and set my plate down for 5 minutes and go back to it it helps.If I feel the slightest bit full
put it away.I will say I have eaten a lot of cold meals.But I can pretty much eat any thing now.
I suggest taking it slow and easy.I find I stick to alot of the same foods daily.

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10/29/12 3:38 A


Hi I have a question did you have your surgery yet? I'm getting ready to schedule my surgery date for bypass and I just wanted to know if you had the surgery and if so how are you doing?

I am so ready for my life to change emoticon

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10/16/12 4:31 A

It does get better with time because you start to know things that you are more comfortable
eating.I have had my lap band now 3 years this month and I find I pretty much eat the same
foods all the time because I feel more comfortable with them,One other thing that I have found is if I take a few slow bites and sit my plate down for a few minutes and then go back
to my meal I am better.I have to say though I haven't gotten used to always eating my food
cold though from eating it so slow.

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10/16/12 12:56 A

When did it get better for you?

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10/16/12 12:55 A

Has it gotten easier for anyone on here? Im 3 weeks post op and sick all the time. Will it ever get better?

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9/13/12 9:06 A

I had a lapband done 2 years ago this October and I am here to tell you it is my life saver
would highly recommend it to any one who has tried everything and has failed cause I tried it
all and failed until I got my lapband I am 5 pounds away from goal and happier with my weight
then I have ever been in my 62 years of life even am alot more healthier then I have been in my whole life .I am one of those who say give me the lap band for life.But be pro pared to listen
to your doctor and do as you are told and it will work cause I am living proof of it.I started my
weight at 235 and I now weigh in at 160 and I am in a size 12 from a size 20 clothing.Wish I
could have done it earlier in my life.Any one out there that thinks they want to have one I say go for it,If I can answer any of youre questions I will be glad to do so.

DPDAVIS Posts: 3,548
9/4/12 8:35 P

Hope you feel better.

ROSEBRYANT45 Posts: 140
8/31/12 3:02 P

I'm sorry to hear about those that are having problems. Just take it one meal at a time. I haven't yet had the procedure done, but am tentatively scheduled for bypass sugery on 9/25/12. I've done almost all the preliminaries and got my big book of "What to Do/What Not to Do" for pre & post op surgery. All I have to say is that it's mind boggling! A sort of fear welled up in me that I'm not going to be able to follow this, but there's more fear about the dumping, so I think I will keep it in check. Thank God for my dear sister in church keeps encouraging me in this direction and promises to be there with me every step of the way!

I've been a member here on Spark since 3/07, but haven't been able to keep myself motivated enough to make it a habit. This time around, I'm going to try to do better.

If anyone's interested, I just bought a book by Susan Marie Leach called "Before and After". What insight! I would recommend this to anyone no matter what stage of the game they're in. I got in on

Good luck to everyone & I hope to be logging back in on Tues (no computer at home). Have a great weekend!


7/22/12 9:43 P

I'm hoping to be in for the Roux-en-Y procedure sometime before the year is out. Aug. 14th is when I have my Post OP Diet class. It has certainly been a long time just to get this far and I'm looking forward to it.

Everyone I've met so far that has had this done does not regret it and most seem to be doing just fine.

If there is a local support group your should join. I'm going to one and love it. There's always something new to be learned and most members have already gone through the process so you get answers right away. Sure hope you're doing better.....
....all the best!

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5/4/12 1:07 P

Oh Man! I hope it gets better for everyone! My aunt had the lapband last week and I am geared up to have "the sleeve" because no matter what I do, I cannot get my "bottomless pit" under control. I would love to keep in touch with you's who have had surgery - if nothing else; moral support - go on my spark pg and add me as a friend - wishing all the best for you!!! emoticon

PA7R1CE Posts: 64
5/1/12 9:26 A

I am 3 1/2 years post surgery and still get sick. I don't understand how anyone gains their weight back. They MUST be gluttons for punishment. I hate getting sick. What's worse is the dumping because you can't do anything about it! Oh gosh and the frothing?!?!?!? Ugh!
I haven't done protein supplements at all and my protein numbers are always ok. Make sure you eat your protein first and make sure you chose high protein foods.
Instead of yogurt, try a single fried or scrambled egg for breakfast. I couldn't do yogurt for a while - way too sweet. And all I drank was tea and water for at least 6 months. Try drinking a cup of black tea in the morning. I read that somewhere when I first had surgery and I already loved Ginger Peach Black tea. It was a lifesaver! It helps with digestion.

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4/26/12 8:53 P

I had Roux N Y 6 and a half years ago. I couldn't eat anything but cheese and peanut butter for almost 3 the protein shakes. Now I can eat too much, but still not one bite of pasta, untoasted bread, no rice, very little potatoes, meat, fried anything, and a lot more. You will be fine, each body is different. If soft foods are better, do it in moderation. Make protein shakes thicker like pudding, tastes yummy and has a good consistency. I wouldn't change it, even though I have to have iron infusions now. Good luck!

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1/26/12 3:57 A

I saw my roux n y surgeon 2 days after the procedure. I had only managed to get around 10 oz of fluid down in the days in-between. My esophagus is abnormally small so after RNY and the stricture procedure it took me a long time to get anything at all down. It's been over a week and I'm back on track. Oddly it was easier eating soft foods than drinking anything. I have no idea why pure liquids hurt when food doesn't. I've tried various temperatures with no difference. My surgeon's advice was to "tough it out" and force the liquids down. That was her advice after RNY too and I paid the price for that with vomiting. So this time I took my own sweet time about what to introduce first. I still get a hard knot in the middle of my throat when I swallow but I know from experience that will pass. For now I'm doing great and I'm finally able to get out and exercise. Seems I've passed the magic number where my legs and knees don't hurt so bad now.

LARSIL Posts: 942
1/20/12 11:35 P

I am so sorry you are having trouble after the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery. My wife and I both had the surgery (one year apart - parents can't both be out of circulation at the same time!) and, aside from some minor inconveniences, it's been a blessing for both of us.

Be sure to stay on the schedule your doctor provides to reintroduce foods slowly. After the surgery, I felt brave enough to try some chicken noodle soup -- had the broth, and nibbled a couple of the noodles. BAD IDEA. I was regretting it in the rest room of the restaurant for far too long. But in the long run, it has been a wonderful change for both of us -- and between us, we've lost almost 300 lbs. Our lives are healthier and stronger than they've ever been in our marriage, and even with the discomfort, I'd still choose to do it again.

Hope you have better experience this time round. Keep your doctor informed on how you're doing; he/she will have knowledge about the situation and may be able to recommend a way around some of the "rough spots."

---L. emoticon

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1/19/12 8:01 A

In case anyone else sees this thread and is looking for answers or suggestions, I know why I am so sick. I had to have an endoscopy because I developed an esophageal stricture. During an outpatient visit, a balloon was used dilate 2 areas. I felt relief before leaving the hospital and am having to go back to the start of my post-surgery diet. Depending on how quickly I recover; I can move onto other diet stages. For now I'm no longer nauseated but swallowing anything still causes slight pain. According to the nurse at the clinic this is to be expected as my body adjusts. Yesterday I had 1 oz water, 2 baby-spoonsful of sugar free jello and chewed 4 slices of pineapple (canned in juice, no sugars added). I swallowed none of the pulp. The pineapple juice caused mild pain and the other hurt enough that I didn't repeat the experience. The nurse told me not to worry about being unable to take any medications for the next day or so while I recover.

So that's my experience if someone else has similar symptoms. This could be a possibility.

Trying to look on the bright side, I'm an emotional eater. Even after my surgery I have had to fight myself about when and how often I eat and not knowing if I am hungry or not doesn't help. After the past 2 weeks, I have NO cravings or even the urge to eat. The mere thought of food is so painful that for the first time in my life I'm eating because I must eat. (This is tongue-in-cheek because I hope to be able to at least eat more than 100 to 300 calories a day very soon.)

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1/15/12 11:10 A

I'm exactly at your point. Six weeks after roux n-y and I can't eat anything. Even water gags me. I can't take my medications because it's immediately painful when it hits my tummy. No matter what I swallow, I am nauseous with 30 to 45 seconds later. I do have other health problems; heart, depression, among others. My cardiologist has prescribed a nitrogyclerin patch so I don't have to swallow/melt those. I haven't managed to make my doctors understand that I'd rather be "insane" than be in pain from swallowing medication. I see my surgeon next week although I don't know what to expect from her. I'm healing well from that. I was doing fantastic until 2 weeks ago and now I feel as though I should be committed. I'd go to an emergency room except that I can be perfectly miserable at home. Going to the emergency room of my local hospital is NOT an option if I want assistance. My own surgeon agrees that River Oaks Hospital in Flowood Mississippi should not be accepting patients.

It's been over 2 months since the first poster. Any help out there?

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SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,549
10/12/11 5:15 P

It sounds like something that would best be discussed with your doctor. Have you checked with him/her yet?

Coach Denise

KWERTZ5872 Posts: 5
10/12/11 12:40 P

I am six week post surgery (rue & y) and I am sooo sick every day that I feel like I am dying. I barely keep any food down and liquid is even harder. I am nauseous 24/7. Forget reaching my goals on 70 g protein and 8 glasses water....if I get a carton of yogurt and a glass of gatoraid is a good day. As to the protein shakes....they just make me gag.

Has anyone else faced this problem...and is there light at the end of the tunnel??? Right now...I feel like this is the all time STUPIDEST decision I have ever made and it may well cost me my life. For the record...I am a 60 yr old woman that did not have major health issues prior to the surgery.

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