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6/25/12 10:53 A

hiiii mom... gess what? we all have amazing talents that come out little by little... if yu are realllly looking for a job..try yur local hospital many times they will train yu for entry level jobs.. being a mom has many skillls that yu have used raising children and providing a home.... ekg tech is the best if yu can get in,,, i found that being a caring human being is priceless...and it is a skill not everyone care will recognize that in yu

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6/25/12 10:16 A

I tell my adult children that they MUST have a JOB SKILL that other people on the street don't have. I'd only say that you need to go to school for some type of skill. Even a woman who is a beautician has a "job skill" that I don't have, as I've never been any good at cutting hair, but she went to school and learned. My beautician told me that she didn't have a "natural talent" for "seeing" how to cut and fix hair but she went to school for a year and learned. She then has gone to a number of "programs" where she learns new skills like "hair coloring" and those are usually somewhere for a week-end and she pays for that session. But, she loves her job and makes good money.
I don't know what job you want, but I do know that even being a Licensed Bartender is a skill someone without the license has and so they get hired.

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6/24/12 9:44 P

I noticed that the economy needs work, to say the lest.
I for one am unable to get a job. I can say that,because
I have been looking for 10 years. O shore I have had
odd jobs along the way. but they dont seem to last.
and if my 17 year old is saying mom you need a
job, so you have something to do. then you
know. a; she may have a point and B: well
something needs to change.

Please let something change. many people I am
sure can relate.

Now what can I do to accomplish this. I gave thought
many are thinking of working for themselfs.
that of course takes time.

I know I am a talented young woman, that talent
however is hidden,and needs to come forth.
But How? Help

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