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7/25/12 1:58 P

Breakfast should be your largest meal of the day. Honestly, if you aren't really eating a lunch, then have a BIG breakfast. I'd say about 500 calories. I'm not sure of your calorie goals. I'd say have a breakfast with high amounts of protein, calories, and healthy fats, and then have a snack right before you leave. The snack could be something like a luna bar, or veggies with hummus, a protein shake. Something to keep you content for a while, since you don't really have much of a break.

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7/24/12 1:03 P

Personally I'd do a smaller breakfast and then take a larger lunch, but that's just what I prefer. You'll probably just have to experiment to find out what works best. Everyone's different, so there's no real "right" way to do it.

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7/24/12 11:37 A

I work retail (9 hour days and my "lumch" hour is usually taking bites of what I have over a 30 minute period where I am running back and forth to the floor). The 8 to 5 days aren't bad, but 1230 to 930 is hard. I wake up around 9 and have breakfast, but I'm not hungry by noon to have a substantial lunch before I go and I don't get a chance to eat at work until at least 5 if not later, and by that time I'm famished. Last week, I fit in time to eat an apple around 2, but I still felt like no real meal between 9 and 5 wasn't beneficial because I got home and wanted to snack partially because I had been so hungry it was like that unsatisfied feeling wouldn't go away and partially because I'm like "oh, look at all these extra calories I have left! Let's eat!"

If I really can't have full meals less than 8 hours apart, should I just try to fit in two higher calorie, nutritious and filling snacks (maybe like 200 calories each?) and plan a larger breakfast and a larger dinner and then a small snack for when I get home? Or would I be better having a smaller breakfast at 9 so I'm ready for lunch at noon and then having dinner at 5?

Thanks in advance! :)

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