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CONNIER64 Posts: 703
9/7/12 12:47 P

Sorry! Forgot to thank you for taking the time to answer my question and try to solve my problem. emoticon emoticon emoticon

CONNIER64 Posts: 703
9/7/12 12:42 P

I'm sorry too because they have great recipes emoticon I love picking new recipes from there but then to track them I have to enter all the nutrition info and add to my favorites.But I can't add the recipe to my SP collection so then I have to go back to the every time to find recipe.Very time consuming emoticon emoticon

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,474
9/7/12 9:06 A

I don't believe that is an option on the app at this time.

Sorry about that!

Coach Denise

CONNIER64 Posts: 703
9/7/12 2:24 A

I have a Spark Recipe App on my iPad and when I find recipes I want to save to My SP recipe collections I don't have that option.All I have is Save to Favorites,Share or View online emoticon

CONNIER64 Posts: 703
9/7/12 2:23 A


SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,474
9/6/12 10:17 P

To save a recipe to a recipe collection, when you are on the recipe page you will see a button on the right that says Add this recipe to a recipe collection - click that. You can then either add it to an existing collection or add it to a new collection and click the button to add the recipe.

Coach Denise

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,474
9/6/12 10:15 P

When you are on a recipe page, there is a save button (with a heart in it) that you can click to save it. Once you do that it will be listed in your recipe box.

Coach Denise

CONNIER64 Posts: 703
9/6/12 3:18 P

I also want to know how to save SP recipes to my SP recipe collections.That way it will be easy to look up in my recipe collections,press the add to tracker button and it would show up on my food tracker!

9/6/12 10:42 A

how do I save them?

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