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ANTIQUE21 Posts: 24
5/28/12 9:01 P

That sounds good! I am starting to really love cooking again and I will make them. Thank you for the info!

KIMORA9 Posts: 9
5/20/12 6:14 P

try the peanut butter fudge protein bar recipe from sparkpeople. theyre so good i make them all the time to workout. they seem to give me energy. love em. peanut butter,honey,whey powder,oatmeal and water. and its no bake!!! try it... only takes ten minutes to make and twenty minutes to chill.

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AMANDA_C Posts: 94
3/10/12 12:43 P

Does anyone have a recipe for a yummy chocolate or peanut butter protein bar? I LOVE the store bought protein bars, but they are too expensive. Also I would like to find one that os crispy/cruncy & does not have to be refrigerated....thanks!

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