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5/2/12 8:17 P

Thank you MI-ELLKAYBEE, for your very kind words. I love spark people, and these teams and people like you, who I feel I've known as a neighbor. emoticon
emoticon Janis

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5/2/12 5:08 P

We're glad you're so diligent and trying to be motivational, ALLENJOSEPH. I hope all your future posts work out well - and may God bless your success on this journey we all share. emoticon

ALLENJOSEPH SparkPoints: (251,566)
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4/30/12 2:20 P

I appreciate your time and explanation, DRAGONCHILD. Thank you very much! I really was feeling bad, as I thought, "What did I write that was unacceptable?" I feel much better now! emoticon

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4/30/12 1:33 P

It wasn't the content, Allenjoseph. You like either mistyped or used an emoticon and include an arrow symbol in your post. That's the arrow key, the ones over the comma and period.

WHen you include one of those, if you aren't using one of the prescribed link buttons it will kick it back and say HTML isn't allowed... HTML is the code behind the websites, and while some sites allow limited HTML or employ filters to screen such code out, Sparkpeople doesn't.

Just look through your post, and make sure there aren't any misplaced arrow symbols... that should allow your post to go through.

The Control key is indeed the one that says "ctrl" on your keyboard.

Edited by: DRAGONCHILDE at: 4/30/2012 (13:34)
ALLENJOSEPH SparkPoints: (251,566)
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4/30/12 9:40 A

Thank you, Coach Denise!
I still can't understand what would have been considered wrong. I was responding to comments of team members and saying positive uplifting things. I deleted half or more of what I wrote. I would delete one sentence and try, and I continued doing that until half or more of my post was gone. I must say I was "very disappointed". Finally after whittling away at my message, it finally went. I had what I considered to be a very caring message to team members to uplift them, and I had to tear away at my message.
Is the control key the one that shows Ctrl? I appreciate you giving me some insight into the matter. - Janis

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,467
4/30/12 7:37 A

I think you are referring to html, not hotmail. If that is the case, this page has info about that:

Coach Denise

ALLENJOSEPH SparkPoints: (251,566)
Fitness Minutes: (142,783)
Posts: 12,156
4/29/12 2:14 P

I must say I found it a bit upsetting, a short while ago. I had just written a message to one of the Teams I joined, and before the message would go, I had to remove the majority of it. It was nothing offensive. I even looked at the guidelines to see what it might be, and I could find no reason. It was a very supportive message, as that's the kind of team it is. Would you know why it kept refusing to let it go. It said something about hotmail. It wasn't hotmail.. It was very frustrating and it took alot of time. emoticon

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,467
4/25/12 9:58 P

I'm not exactly understanding what you are seeing. Can you give me more info. What is it that you are doing and what exactly is the message you are seeing when you do that?

Coach Denise

TBOGENER Posts: 807
4/25/12 7:52 P

I can't seem to get different places because they say they don' have my e-mail address? How can I be sure it ia registered?

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