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5/10/12 8:13 P

Reverse culture shock can affect your weight and eating. Good luck!

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5/10/12 2:46 P


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5/10/12 12:27 P

Oh SCATTERDGLAS, look at all you have done!! Losing all the weight....moving to another country and then moving back...having a carrier you love....

You sound quite accomplished.

If anyone can do this, it's YOU.

Keep coming to Spark for ideas and inspiration. Don't stop and don't give up.

See it through! This will allow you to be the best you can be in so many areas of your life.

You can do it!

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5/10/12 11:24 A


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5/10/12 9:24 A

Be a fighter! You CAN do anything!

5/10/12 8:02 A

Hi everyone..this is my first post on here. I've been a member for about a month because I really like the articles I get in my email.

So I'm about to hit a big change...I've been living in London for two years as I've been studying for my Master's in Theatre Directing. Its been an incredible journey. But my life is back in Cleveland with my partner and loved ones.

So as of Monday, I'm leaving the UK and heading back to the states.

As well as school, for the past year I've been on an eating program to try to lose a substantial amount of weight. Eight years ago, I lost about 200 lbs (420-200) with Gastric Bypass. Over the years though, I gained about a 100 pounds back and really lost myself. I drank alot, ate what I wanted, and just really messed my life up.

So over the past two years, (three really..but mainly two) I have been trying to get to a place I had never been...healthy and in control of my body and fitness.

As of yesterday I'm down from 304 to 244 and still kicking. It took me MONTHS to get out of the 250s....but I've gotten back into gear over the past few weeks.

My worry is, that it feels harder to stay motivated the closer I get to 200. I dont remember the last time I was under 200lbs. It was when I was 13 I think.

But right now..I'm just struggling really hard to now get out of the 40s. This is a pivotal time for me..where I have lost my way over the past year...gone back up into the 50s even low 60s. I DON"T want to do that again. I want to stay focused.

But I worry about going home..and the changes that I know are coming.

I'm still fighting though. Still plodding through the mud.

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