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9/7/12 4:13 P

I really do feel for you, and it's clear from your post how you are feeling responsible for so many people. I sincerely hope things begin to turn around for you very soon. Remember you're doing the best you can, which is all anyone can do. Take care and all the best to you.

BETHS60 Posts: 570
9/6/12 9:46 A

That's a lot to deal with. I am sorry. It's overwhelming.

I agree that your adult children are responsible for themselves. In some ways it may be easier for them to get jobs than for you. I was in Panera Bread yesterday, and they were hiring. You probably couldn't take one of those jobs, because it would mean being on your feet all day, but they would probably be great jobs for kids just starting out.

Can you finish up your IT degree? It seems to me like that would be the place to focus, if you can squeeze in those last 3 credits somehow.

Best of luck to you and your family.

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9/5/12 10:51 A


You're in an overwhelming situation.You can't blame yourself. A lot of families across the country are having similar problems. It's nothing you've done wrong. It's the economy. We're still in a recession/depression despite what the politicians and pundits say. Recovery has been slow and unfortunately, too many companies are still laying off employees. I know, I was one of those employees. I spent 16+ years with the same company only to be laid off in July. I've been looking for a new job for the last two months. I'll say it, looking for work is depressing. There just aren't enough jobs out there for everyone.

But you have to keep trying. Don't give up. Fall is a much better time to find a job for different reasons. Have you tried these websites ? If not... here are some listings/websites that might help you in your search. Forget about using No one uses monster anymore. they use these. In particular, I highly recommend that you create your professional profile on the LINKED IN website. that's a website for professional people to make connections with other professionals. They also have job listings posted. It's free. although, they do have an "enhanced" website for extra. the free site is fine. that's what I use.

there is always hope !! Things will get better even though it may not seem like it now.


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9/5/12 4:48 A

It sounds to me like you are blaming yourself for the fact that your adult children are also struggling. I am a firm believer in helping financially ONLY if we can afford to do so. It isn't an obligation as a parent. There are many other ways that people can help each other. Are you able to get some little fliers printed off someones computer, offering your services for odd jobs in peoples own homes? You could then hand-deliver these and talk with the people you give them to, rather than just plonking them into a letter box. This is a good way to build up some form of relationship that can turn to some work.

I don't see how you can blame yourself for your entire family, because you lost your job as a result of the economy. There are many others in that same situation, and it is really unfortunate and sad, but not necessarily anyone's fault!

Is there somewhere that you could volunteer your services for a day a week? There are lots of places crying out for this type of help, and it actually makes it easier to get your foot into paid employment. Sometimes places that you volunteer provide some lunch or snacks, and this could help where it comes to costs of food.

You mention not looking for hand-outs or freebies, but sometimes we have to swallow our pride and accept them. I myself have on many occasions. I have received help with buying food via food grants, with a dental bill via assistance there, too, and even with essential clothing costs. Don't let pride get in your way of a healthy existence. Talk with your Social Services or Social Worker to see what is available, at least in the short term. Seek the help of a food bank - that way you can contribute in some small way where you are staying. Social Services may also be able to help you find suitable housing. Remember, pride can be a good thing, but it can also be destructive. Don't let it destroy you!

Good luck with your search!

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9/4/12 11:02 P

To Whom It May Concern,
I am carless, jobless, and homeless staying with family while attempting to help my son raise his five month old daughter. My wife is also unemployed and suffers from fibromyalgia and a nervous disorder. We are all in this situation together. My other two sons are also homeless, jobless and carless and staying with friends in different states. Money is non-existent and we are quickly out-staying our welcome here. The environment is not very conducive to raising an infant.
I need a job. A job that I can do with my physical limitations. They are few, but they do exist. This does NOT mean that I am disabled; quite the contrary, I have experience with earth moving equipment, industrial sandblasting, industrial painting, and many other industries. I have a resume to present to interested parties. I am a 44 year-old male with a bad back and cannot lift or stand for a full 8 hour shift, but I am quite capable of most anything I put my mind to. I am 3 credits from a degree in Information Technology and I am handy with most electronics.
People may want to know how an entire family became homeless, and I am basically to blame. I lost my job when the economy tanked. Shortly after, we lost our house. We moved to Kansas because the cost of living is lower and we could afford to live on my unemployment. When that ran out, we had to move in with family. Unable to financially assist my children, they soon fell on hard times as well.
I am not looking for a hand-out or welfare or freebies! I am seeking a job! Anywhere, anything, any hours.

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