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9/20/12 11:43 P

Thank you both for helping me out, I shall take you advice in fact i tried 3 sets of 12 reps for each and it was really challenging :)

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9/20/12 10:21 P

1. Dumbbell rows work most of the same muscles as pullups.

Strength training is all about quality, not quantity. I agree with Dragonchilde - if you are doing 100 reps of an exercise, they are not challenging enough to be effective. An exercise which fatigues your muscles in 12 reps or less each set is far more effective than an exercise where you can do dozens or hundreds of reps.

The easiest way to add challenge to exercise is to slow down (typically 3 seconds for the up movement, and 3 seconds for the down movement). This means it is your muscles doing the work, not 'bounce' or minimum. Also, check your form.

If after slowing down, you are still looking for more challenge, add more weight, or look for more challenging variants of those exerises.

Also, the normal way to do exercise is by fatiguing your muscles in "sets" of 4-12 repetitions with a rest period of 30 seconds to 5 minutes between sets, rather than trying to belt out dozens of reps in a single sitting.


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9/20/12 7:31 P

Why in the world are you doing so many? If you're doing that many deadlifts and presses, you're not lifting heavy enough. You're wasting a LOT of time! You should be aiming to lift heavier weights that challenge you, so that you can complete no more than 8-16 reps (and 2-3 sets, tops.)

Situps, too, are not the best exercise for you. They can put a lot of strain on your back, and provide little benefit over simpler core exercises. I'd say a plank would be better for you, because that's a full-body move.

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9/20/12 7:26 P

ok......I decided that is just what i am going to do 10 repetitions times 10 sets....

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9/20/12 7:08 P

ok i think i figured it out, for pull ups i will do 100 t-bar rows, 100 upright rows, and 100 on the lat pull down machine, but now the question is how many sets should i do and how many reps for my whole work out, would it be ok to break it up into 10 repetitions times 10 sets, this workout is part of cross fit.....

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9/20/12 6:18 P

hi todays workout schedule is sprint 1 mile, 100 pull ups, 100 sit ups, 100 push ups, 100 squates, 100 over head press, 100 dead lifts and 100 jumps.....

i have two questions???
1. what other exercise will work the same muscle groups as a pull up?
2. and i cant do 100 sit ups, ect in one repetition, so how can i break it up to get a overall great workout?? please help me i am going to the gym in a hour.....

Thank you all

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