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7/12/12 8:58 P

thank u for the replys...i agree with u all...lsing weight while pregnant isn't a good choice...i will be sure to talk to my OBGYn about it soon as I see her

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7/12/12 4:38 P

Hi Wannbpretty,

If you suspect you are pregnant you really should contact your OB to see what he/she has to say. It is really outside the scope of advice for our members and experts to offer information to any member who may suspect she is pregnant.

I wish you well!

Coach Nancy

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7/12/12 2:00 P


If you are pregnant, the last thing you should be worrying about is trying to lose weight. Remember, if you cut your calories to try to lose weight, that means you're depriving your baby of the vital nutrients it needs to thrive and grow !

Before you make any changes to your nutrition, you must talk to your OB/GYN. What you eat will effect you and the health of your child. That's why you shouldn't even be thinking about dieting now. Instead, you need to concentrate on eating foods that nourish you and your baby.

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7/12/12 1:25 P

You should definitely not be losing weight while you're pregnant! All of these questions should be asked of your doctor. No one on Spark is qualified to give you any medical advice.

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7/12/12 1:11 P

i started my spark people journy in march 2012, had a laparotomy in Maty 2012 and stopped tracking....decided to start doing it again soon after only to delete my account cause i was feeling intimidated and silly for charting all the time...just started using spark people again a few days ago....i have lost 22 pounds was at 23 but have vput on a pound...i can't stop thinking that i should be 35 pounds or so lighter by now.....since i started this in stuck in this platue....and it stinkx......i am sure i am pregnant also....i hadent ovulated on my own in years and this cycle i did for the first time in forever....we have been trying to get pregnant for five years only to be dissapointed month after can i be sure to not gain weight during pregnancy? i weigh 225 right now and am 5'4....i have heard that if u are overweight, then u don't need to gain weight while pregnant...i would like to lose weight at least some while pregnant...15 pounds or so...i have plenty of reserve for baby and im not worried that baby will be small at birth or anything...what are your takes on these things...

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