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3/25/11 12:09 P

I will definitely do that. Thank you so much for replying. It seems like the beginning is always the hardest. Wouldn't it be great if you could put in your allergies and what food you like and have it bring up recipes for you! I am lazy can you tell?! LOL I am also working out 3 to 4 times a week so the change in diet is just part of my self improvement.

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3/25/11 12:04 P

Try checking out the blog in my sig. It's got a ton of recipes anywhere from vegetarian fare, to pantry recipes using canned food, to healthy beef and pork recipes.

Get a cookbook, something like a cooking light annual with a lot of recipes. Try sitting down and having a family meeting each week around it, and have everyone look through it to see what looks good, and have each person decide on 1 or two recipes for the week. Thats how I got my healthy cooking started with the boys, who were totally against it at first and now love looking through my Goodwill collection of cookbooks (nowhere better to find a ton!) and picking new recipes each week. Take notes on whether they liked the recipe or not, how they felt about it, whether it should be changed, is good, or shouldn't be made again. Adventures in cooking are worth it if everyone works together!

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3/24/11 4:39 P

Everything we know and love is all bad for us. I found a new way to cook fish which besides boxes I have NEVER done in my life. Also,I just don't know what to make besides fish and chicken that is good for us and we get so sick of that stuff! I already cook with lean pork or turkey instead of beef. I never fry anything. I use Extra virgin olive oil instead of butter. I can fix stuff for myself cause it is easy but fixing a meal is a different story. I was doing weight watchers but I had the same problem and now I can't afford it. It doesn't help that I am so picky.

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3/23/11 7:51 P

Make a list of foods that everyone likes. Build your menu around that or list them here and we can help you !!

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3/23/11 3:32 P

I really need help getting started. I am a very picky eater and tend to go for VERY mild tasting food. I am not even sure where to start to build recipies for this diet. I have some ideas of individual foods that would be easy but I also have 2 other people to cook for including a 16 year old. Anyone have any ideas of where to start?

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