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11/18/02 11:29 A

Oh ya, The sunrise is a wonderful way to start the day and I call it free time because it's before most people arise and therefore one gets an early start on the day . I love early starts. What kind of dogs do you have? Aren't doggies great !

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10/24/02 7:20 A

DoctorB - i take my 2 beasts for a walk on the beach most evenings. But hearing you talk about the sunrise made me realise that I haven't seen one in about 3 years. So 2 weeks ago I started getting up early and taking them for a good hour walk. Great way to begin the day, happy dogs and a chilled out me going into work. Thank you

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
9/20/02 10:47 A

I know that feeling of the exercise group you have never spoken to. If they see you elsewhere, they will point you out to their friends.

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9/18/02 3:08 P

I don't live near a beach or a park, but I belong to a gym about two blocks away from my house. About three weeks ago (when I started the SP program) I started going first thing (when the gym opened!)in the morning, three days a week. Something really neat happened. I began to see the same group of people. Old, young...heavy, skinny-skinny...beautiful, average, not-so-beautiful--all in all, about twenty people. None of us talk to each other, I can barely speak at that hour, but when I missed a day last week, I actually felt this pang of...I don't know...missing out on something! I missed my crack-of-dawn crew. So, I haven't missed since, because I notice when one of THEM isn't there. I love this odd sort of city-fellowship I've become a part of.

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9/18/02 10:48 A

I love watching the sunrise!! I live in the city, and I (try) to walk/run in the mornings...I haven't been doning this latley, but when I was, I would just get the most amazing burst of energy when I saw the sun rise!! it is just like nothing else! I would alwyas watch it on a hill in a BEAUTIFUL park. It really is the best way to start your day!!

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9/12/02 2:38 P

Wow, that sounds incredible. If I lived near the beach, I would be out there every sunrise and sunset. What a great way to start the day! I guess I could go out on the street, close my eyes and pretend it is the beach?! I guess the sunrise is spectacular no matter where you are!

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9/12/02 12:58 P

Do something that you enjoy......I think that someone may have already mentioned that but I also felt that it deserves repeating! Today I got up extra early so that I could fit in some exercise...not just any exercise but one that I love and haven't found the time oddly enough to do. So by 7 am this morning I was walking on the beach with my two very happy dogs. There were other people there with the same idea in mind of getting an early start on the day and exercising with their dogs. The energy of the beach is incredible and so the one and a half hour walk was just so easy and satisfying.

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