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CHRISTINASP Posts: 1,856
6/2/12 4:46 P

I am thinking that maybe you could visit a mesologist or naturopath. They may be able to figure out if your organs are in balance and offer support through supplements.
I'm by no means an expert but 1100 calories seems VERY low to me. Maybe indeed you should eat more of whole foods...
My own experience was that I lost a lot of weight when I started following a program eating a lot of fruits and raw vegetables, cutting out diary, meat and just about all additives. As I understand it, eating a lot of foods with additives can make it very hard for your body to release weight because your liver needs to work hard to deal with the additives and therefore has not enough energy to help with the fat loss.

6/2/12 4:43 P

Did you have the TSH or T4 test done? I would suggest you have both done, if you did not. My mom has hypothyroid since her last pregnancy and one of those tests came back normal (I think it was TSH) while the other one didn't. She said she was thankful her doctor ran both tests because most don't. You can measure your metabolic rate via indirect calorimetry (which measures gas exchange- since metabolic processes use O2 and make CO2 they can calculate the metabolic rate). Many universities have this technology and use it for studies; it might be worth it to see if there are any studies going on at a university near you that you qualify for and can volunteer for (probably a long shot though). I did a quick search for New Zealand clinics with indirect calorimetry, but I didn't find anything :( Good luck with the healthy nuts!

6/2/12 3:46 P

i had bloods done last week, hormone levels(i suffer from cyctic ovaries) and thyroid. All came back normal. I have asked the doc to test my metabolic rate but apparently there is no test for that here in nz.. i have just invested in almonds and hazelnuts, so these will increse my calories and good fats for the day so we will see how this goes for next couple of weeks. Im yet to weigh in after first week so will post when this is done.

EX-PRESSO Posts: 478
6/2/12 6:10 A

a friend of mine is 5 foot 9 - and she was swimmer (professional) when she was a teen.
Her weight was always fine, but after pregnancy she gained.

She got her metabolism Rate checked and they found that she simply don't burn very much calories - only 800 if she is resting.
So she HAS to eat less and has to work out harder then the rest. But at least she know why she did not lost weight with 1400 cal!

I hope you will find your answer, too

6/2/12 5:33 A

Have you had your thyroid hormone levels checked? For someone eating so little (too little for sure) for an extended period of time, I feel like there might be something else going on medically.

NAYPOOIE Posts: 12,072
5/29/12 6:51 P

Something lower in sugar would help reduce the blood sugar spike. So would eating some fat and protein with it. And you definitely need more calories. Maybe some whole wheat toast with peanut butter? An egg?

5/29/12 1:01 A

next question kelloggs sultana bran.. is my fav breakfast. but looking at the suger content maybe it shouldnt be. im guessing though that most of that is from the sultanas themselves. as the label reads per serving
nrg 640
protien 4.3g
fat 0.8
carb 28.3
sugars 10.2
fibre 1.2
sodium 121mg
is this suitable or do i need to find a new one

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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5/29/12 12:09 A

Not really; too much of anything can sabotage your efforts. If your calorie range is 1500-1800, and you eat 2,000 calories worth of fruit... you won't lose weight. ;)

Protein shakes are really easy. All you need is a can of protein powder, and some milk. You can get different kinds, and make your own smoothies! Just google protein recipes, and the possibilities are endless!

5/29/12 12:05 A

suggestions for homemade protein shakes?? i wouldnt know where to start.. is it also correct that too much fruit can contridict efforts..

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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5/28/12 11:52 P

Not eating enough can slow your metabolism, and sabotage your efforts. When you don't eat enough, your body doesn't get the fuel it needs to function, and that can cause it to hold on to what few calories you give it. It's colloquially known as "starvation mode" and is likely part of why you're not losing weight! This is especially given your exercise level.

It's time to make your health, and your appetite, a priority. I normally don't suggest this because supplementing isn't a good idea for most people, but if you're truly fighting your appetite, a homemade protein shake might be the ticket to keeping your energy up, and filling in the gaps in what you're not giving your body.

Don't trust any dietician that says that someone as active as you are should eat 1100 calories. You're over 220 lbs... that means that your BMR is much higher than that, and 1200 calories is the absolute minimum most people should eat, and that's only appropriate for small, sedentary women close to their goal weights. Those of us with more to lose need to EAT more, because we need more to support organ and systemic function.

5/28/12 11:22 P

im a solo mum of 4 kids. Im up and running from the start of the day. I struggle to eat as i simply dont have an appetite. Apart form the normal household daily chores, i do 3 low impact workouts due to servere back pain every 2 days, a cardio, stretchs and yoga/pilates mix. Having put into the tracker what i eat in a day i struggle to hit 1100 in any given day.. Dieticians say i dont eat enough. Another said whatr i eat is enough. Something is going a stray

5/28/12 11:15 P

I echo everyone else. Make your trackers public. Weigh and measure your foods and put them in your trackers for feed back.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
Fitness Minutes: (15,905)
Posts: 9,717
5/28/12 11:08 P

Well, we can try to help, although your doctors are the ones who need to be helping you with this, since it's a medical issue.

In order for anyone here to make suggestions, though, we need more information. What are you doing currently? What is your workout regime, what's your caloric intake, and are you sticking to your ranges?

5/28/12 11:01 P

what is your eating and exercise like ?

5/28/12 10:47 P

I have struggled with weight all my life. Ive done weight watches, meal replacements and strict calorie controlled diets. It seems impossible to get below 100kg. Now that my pending surgery requires me to loose atleast 15kg in 8 weeks im looking for anything that works.
I worked 75 hours weeks with 8 hours a day walking up and down a concrete pit milking cows and lost 2,5kg over 2 years, eating very sensible.
Ive had bloods done today to rule out medical reasins being the problem, results in a coulps of days.
Does anyone have an ideas. Ive tried everything..

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