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LKG9999 Posts: 1,747
4/14/12 9:43 A

I love the title of this thread! Very funny, and very true.

I agree with previous posters - a few days does not have long-term impact on weight loss. One of the things I am doing is only weighing in one a month. I have a slow metabolism, possibly un-diagnosed hypothyroid and definitely in perimenopause. I found that checking weekly wasn't long enough to really show progress. I am also starting to track my measurements, as I've found that to be additional motivation.

Good luck and hang in there!

4/14/12 8:39 A

You can do this. I am the QUEEN of falling off the wagon over a deep cliff..... BUT....... I'm also the QUEEN of getting back up on that wagon and going at it again. As long as you never totally give up on yourself you will succeed. Cuz you've already perfected 1/2 the battle.

If losing weight were easy there wouldn't be any overweight people. Right....

A couple of slip ups are not a sign of barreling over that cliff to a definite doom. It's a learning curve for everyone. See what works for you and that's when you'll see results.


SA2002NG Posts: 423
4/14/12 8:16 A

thanks for all the great pieces of advice.

MOMMA2X6 Posts: 711
4/13/12 7:29 P

Way to go! Your new attitude will take you far!

GOGHGIRL1 Posts: 42
4/13/12 7:50 A

Thanks for the pep talk up and exercised this morning, ate a great breakfast and packed a healthy lunch. Back on track for the long term!

MOMMA2X6 Posts: 711
4/12/12 9:19 P

Stay focused, but don't beat yourself up! It sounds like you have been doing well under the circumstances. Reevaluate and do what makes sense. If you keep at it, you will succeed.

LEAHLEGS Posts: 184
4/12/12 8:49 P

I'm not sure how long you've been using spark, or trying to loose weight in general (probably forever just like the rest of us). I've used spark since 2007, on and off. I've gone months without tracking, sometimes doing really well on my own, and sometimes eating everything I can get my hands on. I'm down nearly 70 lbs, and I just recently started using the spark app on my cell phone.

All I can say is, it really is a long journey. In the scope of your whole life, eating badly for a day, or a week really won't add up to much. Just get back up and keep trying. That's all you can do. Guilt won't help, in fact, guilt will just lead to more spiraling. Look at the days you were off track, think fondly of the foods you ate and the friends you enjoyed them with, get on the scale and own it. There's always tomorrow.

4/12/12 7:39 P

Thanks coghgirl, i think i will try to add more minutes to my daily work out. I did do 50 min today! I do track my food down to the drop. I hope i start seeing results soon. Thank you again and your words meant a lot to me.

GOGHGIRL1 Posts: 42
4/12/12 7:23 P

thanks s - read your post too - I also have hypothyroidism - have dealt with it for the past 16 years (since I gave birth to my oldest). I feel like I'm overrreacting a little, but in the past this is exactly how my backsliding begins. Don't feel like the thyroid makes it impossible to lose though - I've always found that exercising for at least 50 min 5 days a week as well as eating healthy (and tracking!) is the trick - seems like a lot of time, but I've always been able to lose if I do both! (Sucks though - I remember the good ole days when I could just diet or just exercise and lose/maintain so easily) When your hubby gets you down by being unsupportive, just let it roll off your back - your not doing this for anyone except yourself! It may be that he feels threatened by the possibility of you succeeding - and I remember how dang hard it is to get exercise in with little ones - especially since you're stay at home. Just deep breaths - you can do this!

4/12/12 6:57 P

Just hang in there, keep focus on ur goals and dont let a mishap bring you down. Imhere for you and im sure you can get baack on track. If you go on a road trip and miss an exit, do you cancel ur whole trip or keep on until you find your way back to the proper route and anxiously wait arrive to that crystal clear beach, white sands, and haappiness?

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GOGHGIRL1 Posts: 42
4/12/12 6:47 P

ok - so 3 weeks ago I hit a plateau, no problem, just rededicated to tracking food, never stopped exercising. One week ago, was on vacation, did ok - kept exercising, didn't go overboard with food and maintained weight - no loss, but no gain. This week started out great guns, but then I got sick -missed 2 days exercise and got my appettite back today in a big way (anyone else go exclusively for bad carb comfort food when sick?). I feel like I've not only fallen off the wagon, but I'm all the way to the shoulder of the road...scared to death to weigh tomorrow for fear that it will send me further into bad old habits, but I want to be honest with myself about where I am because it's so easy to get lulled back into fooling myself about where I really stand....any suggestions? Please?!

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