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3/22/12 1:32 P

Omelettes are quick and healthy, especially if you use "egg beaters", add cheese (lightly) and veggies. Pair it with tomato juice and you have a yummy meal in minutes.
Bean & cheese tacos are quick too....heat in the microwave and add veggies .....yummy!

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3/14/12 7:44 P

My family works or goes to school during the day and I go to school 2 nights a week. We have gotten into the habit of planning our menu out for the week and going shopping for what we need that way. On the nights I have school we plan a crock-pot meal. We do beef, chicken and pork in the crock and have a variety of recipes that we already had as well as recipes from sparkrecipes. Constant change of the menu with occcasional repeats of our favorites has been incredible. I could not imagine life without my crock pot because some recipes can be made in the crock the night before and placed in the refrigerator until morning when you just have to put it into the heat source and let it cook all day!

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KELEKONA Posts: 605
3/12/12 8:34 P

Buy cheap steak or some sort of roast, at least four meals worth. Cook it a little rarer than you like, divide into single portions, then freeze. (I like to use "sandwich" boxes.) For extra no-brainer, cook up a complimentary pasta or rice and get a gravy from the meat-drippings. (Avoid dairy sauces.) Freeze the pasta into the box at the same time as the meat. If you want to add the veggie choice ahead of time, wait until the rest is mostly frozen and dump some pre-frozen veggies into the box.

Potatoes are tricky for freezing. You're better off using dehydrated flakes or making a potato dish on a non-gym night. Baked potatoes reheat well when they have been in the fridge for 24 hours.

Actually, you could probably have some luck with cooking two meals at once. Many things taste better if they've been sitting around in the fridge for a day. Leftover rice can be re-heated with a little bit of added water.

Think about soups. I usually make the easier ones in my baby rice cooker, or use the cooker for a reheat. For pasta or rice soup, keep it separate from the broth until warming time.

Gym night might also be egg night. Or grilled cheese could be assembled into "throw at the frying pan" ahead of time.

A pre-boxed salad or a bowlful of frozen veggies with cheese is half of a good meal.

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3/7/12 12:02 P

Our family loves using the crock pot. We put chicken breasts, garlic, onion, and low sodium taco seasoning mix. When done just pull apart the chicken, it makes a lot.

I make enchiladas: Tortilla with a little beans and chicken then fold into a burrito add green verde salsa to the top and white cheese (which ever kind you like) we use Monterrey. Bake for like 30 min

I also make a big salad and put some of the chicken on top and sometimes some beans, salsa, and sour cream instead of salad dressing.

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
3/5/12 9:39 A

On Sunday, make a big Perdue Oven Stuffer roaster chicken. You can pick the meat off and make salad, fajitas, soup, stir fry etc etc

You will have lots of chicken for a week !!

3/5/12 8:37 A

I need ideas for make-ahead meals that aren't necessarily casseroles. On gym nights I don't get home until 6:30 or later, and I'm usually famished, and don't feel like cooking. If I have something that only needs to be heated or baked, I'm usually good. This week I have a crock-pot chili planned, and a buffalo chicken casserole and chicken enchilada casserole. I'm okay with casseroles, but looking for other ideas too! All ideas welcome!

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