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RICHERYL Posts: 1,034
10/25/12 6:53 P

well, now that I have 2 weeks of being back in the my beloved pool to swim laps, I am much less sore and hopefull tomorrow when I weigh in, that the scales will show some progress again. Even though I am not back up to my usual distance and times, ( I'm about 4/5ths the way back already) I can see improvement in my breathing and times even though I am still purposely trying not to over do just yet. But I am coming away from the pool a VERY happy swimmer. emoticon emoticon

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,499
10/20/12 1:23 A

Lots of hugs. Make this a good day.

RICHERYL Posts: 1,034
10/16/12 9:51 A

thanks for the supportive words - yes, I am Very thankful that Ihave my pool back. Only after only a few hours after my swim yesterday, I got sooo stiff and sore. I forgot for a while that I was not able to swim and that I had used muscles again that I haven't used in months. I had to do alot of stretching thru out the day to compensate for the sore muscles. I also remember the fun I used to have when young, riding my bike down our dirt lane with my 3 brothers, for hours and hours, but to ride the recumbent bike isn't the same, even when I turn the TV on right in front of it. I do have exercises that I truly Love - my swimming, and almost anything else it pure drudgery. Hugs to you both for your uplifting words. Cheryl

MOMMYOF2RN Posts: 579
10/15/12 9:11 P

Everyone has their favorite type of exercise, and the ones we hate. Don't beat yourself up, the great thing is you now have your pool back!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,499
10/13/12 8:03 A

emoticon Don't beat yourself up over a choice you made NOT to get on the bike. Apparently, you aren't like me and remember ALL the fun of riding a bike as a child. My mother would let me ride my bike down the 1/2 mile lane we had in the country to get the mail at the box in the summer and I loved then being able to ride my bike on the oil road, since the lane was a dirt road and hard to ride down. I would ride on that road and love it for about five minutes then I'd have to head back home as my mother was over-protective and she was sure if I didn't get back in a set amount of time, I'd been kidnapped. emoticon emoticon I never lived anywhere near a pool where I could have done lap swimming, so I never have been a good swimmer. You are lucky to have such a pool. ENJOY it now.

RICHERYL Posts: 1,034
10/13/12 7:56 A

I have always been an avid lap swimmer, but for the past 3 1/2 months I have been doing nothing exercise-wise other than walking the supermarkets. My indoor pool was shut down for cleaning, resurfacing and other repairs for the past few months and although I have a recumbent bike in my family room, I just couldn't make myself get on it more than 10 times during these past months. I just HATE the bike!! I Love my swimming and getting myself to the pool is no chore. I feel like I have let myself down with my attempts for weight loss during this time, but and trying to let that go and look forward to next Monday when my pool reopens and I can once again get back to my beloved exercise.

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