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I struggle with this too! I have been seeing a therapist and brought up this issue. She said that nighttime is a big time for emotional eating as we are not as distracted as we are during the day. She told me that being aware of it is a big step in stopping it. So, I have started to ask myself if I really am hungry or am I just bored, anxious, or even thirsty. The other night I went outside and sat on my patio. That really helped as I was away from the t.v. and the kitchen.

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Rhonda, is the nighttime eating because you are hungry? If so, then perhaps adjust your calories in the day a bit (cut back just a tad throughout the day) so you can fit the night time snacks in. If it is the 'munchies' then perhaps take a look at this article:

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4/26/12 10:19 A

Hello everyone!

I have done a great job with losing my weight. However, it is the last 10 lbs I can't seem to budge. I do an excellent job of eating healthy through out the day. However, right before I go to bed I always eat extra calories. My snacks are healthy, but they put me over my calorie intake for the day. Does anyone else have this problem? What can I do to stop this bad habit?


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