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9/4/12 12:26 A

Be updated on the latest facts about health, nutrition and exercise. This isn't hard to do due to the internet and all the other sources of information available. Most famous fitness and diet pros have websites, forums or mailing lists -keep up to date with your favorites. These experts most likely also have Twitter and Facebook pages you can join. Read through books and print mags also. These could help keep you going, and also offer you useful information. If you're especially interested in any particular topics, sign up for Google News alerts that will tell you when something new comes out. You won't use every piece of information you read. The idea is that you are going to feel like you're part of the entire fitness movement, which is necessary to be continually motivated.

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9/3/12 3:56 A


I already knew about not being able to spot reduce. I do plenty of cardio. I am getting my injured leg strong enough so that I can start to run again. Once that happens, I am sure I will get to my goal and maintain it. I just do the core stuff because it's part of my full-body work out, too, and also trying to strengthen my lower back, from an injury there too. There hasn't been very many areas of my body that haven't been injured! Occupational hazard!

What I meant in my post was just trying to make the point to Kisses40 that when I look in the mirror, I always see that my belly sticks out more than I like it to. I am sure I will always see this even after I lose all the weight, because it's always the area that I draw my attention to.

I guess I didn't make it more clear in my post.

Thanks for the encouragement!

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9/3/12 12:01 A

Sometimes it is hard to see the changes in ourselves. But hang in there, when you look back you will see it was all worth it and the doubt will be gone.

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9/2/12 6:19 P

Hi Britomart,

I do realize, but I feel there should be some visual "adjustments". I'd love to get some pointers on specific work out strategies. Right now I'm doing the C25K and some arm exercises and sit-ups. Thanks! Michelle

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9/2/12 6:13 P

Hi Maria,

I have noticed that it's easier to walk up the stairs now. I still get a little winded sometimes and other days I fly right up with no problems. Thanks for the support and I'm going to keep fighting. emoticon

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9/2/12 6:07 P

Thanks Kris!

I guess I'm a little frustrated too because no one else has noticed my weight loss either. And even though I'm doing this for me and my health, those little words of encouragement help give me the extra boost. I'm going to continue until I see more results.


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9/2/12 12:32 P

Kisses40 & MariaX11, you DO know you can't 'spot reduce' no matter how many crunches you do, right? Your body will shed fat when/where it wants; then you can tone muscle, but you can't "lose weight" by doing muscle exercises.

I'm not trying to sound like a downer, but reality is important! A good full-body workout, using the big muscle groups, can help you lose weight because it can boost your metabolism, but that's not going to spot reduce you either.

Good work, folks! and keep it up.

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9/2/12 1:06 A

Hi Kisses40,

I'm kind of going thru the same thing. I am half-way to my goal weight, and I still feel like my belly sticks out too much, but my trainer did tell me after he did measurments that I lost an inch from my hips and waist, and I did go down one size on my pants, so obviously I am losing. But I just keep seeing my belly when I look in the mirror and wish it could be smaller (and yes, I am doing crunches, planks, sit-ups, and lots of core stuff). I told my trainer that my belly is always the last place that I lose, and he said it's like this for a lot of people, so I'm not the only one.

I am sure you look great, and 27 lbs lighter I am sure your knees are thanking you. They say when you lose 5 lbs, your knees feel like you lost 10 lbs, since it puts so much stress on them.

Keep up the good work!


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9/1/12 6:03 A

I have seen that done before but never think to put it to use thanks the new perspective! I'm gaping to continue to work at it until I hit my goal!. I appreciate the help! emoticon

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9/1/12 5:59 A

Hi Nancy,
I was doing the C25K 3 days a week this Summer, but now that work has started again i've been doing only getting in once a week. I've beam doing sit-ups (not too many right now)and arm exercises. Any snugness other work outs? Tanks so much!

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9/1/12 5:33 A


We are our own worst critics. Flaws we see in ourselves, no one else sees because they aren't really there. Remember being in high school and getting ready for a big date or the prom ? How did we feel if we got a ZIT ? I'll tell you, we were mortified !! We felt every single person on the planet was looking at that zit.

Guess what ? No they weren't. WE were the only person who cared. Any flaw we had we exaggerated because we didn't see ourselves the way other people saw us. Look at yourself through the eyes of your friend. What would they look for ? They'd look for the POSITIVE and so should you.

You may be fixating on your hips or stomach. a lot of women do. BUT, you may have lost weight on your face, your chest, your hands. Look for the subtle changes you might not have noticed because you're wondering why the weight isn't coming off X place fast enough.

that's what happens to many people. We want the weight to come off one place and don't notice that it came off another. This is perfectly normal. So, don't beat yourself up because you don't seem to be making any noticeable changes. Some changes really are quite subtle.

Don't worry ! You're doing just fine !

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8/31/12 7:24 P

hi KISSES40 - what you are describing is a VERY common phenomena. This happened to me, too, even after having lost 50lb!!! BUT then I would remember, hey, my clothes are a lot smaller in size and people are complimenting me on the weight-loss! What you are describing is a form of Body Dysmorphia whereby we see ourselves in the mirror, but for some reason our brain changes reality to something else.

One suggestion is, don't spend too much time in front of a mirror, UNLESS you are going to congratulate yourself on a job well done and tell yourself that you are looking pretty darned hot :-)

Kris xx

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8/31/12 6:56 P

Hi Kisses40,
I know exactly what you're saying because I've lost 25 pounds and feel the same way - I don't really see it, but I do feel it. Don't be bummed - you're getting into clothes that you couldn't fit into before - that's great! Okay, a little encouragement to stay motivated...go put a 7 pound weight on your stomach and two 10-pound weights on your hips, keep them there for 24 hours and then take them off. Now you'll know how great it feels to shed 27 pounds! Seriously, even if you're not "seeing" the weight loss, your body is getting better physically. Keep it going and you will absolutely be able to SEE the results. Good luck!

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8/31/12 6:50 P


It take time for the changes to show up, so don't toss in the towel. But know that you are doing so much more for your body besides fitting better in your clothes. Are you doing any exercise--cardio, strength training and flexibility?

Coach Nancy

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8/31/12 6:29 P

Alright sparkpeeps...I have lost 27lbs which is really good for me. I'm bummed because although I'm getting into clothes I havent been able to wear, when I look in the mirror it doesn't even seem I've lost ANY weight. I need some encouragement to stay motivated! Thanks.

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