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3/22/12 2:23 P

Angel food cake is one dessert that is diabetic friendly....I would not recommend trying to make it without sugar.... you are not saving many (if any , depending on the sweetener you are considering using) calories and making an angelfood cake from scratch is quite an undertaking!

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12/11/11 4:16 A

Just take care you don't use too much ... it is 20xs sweeter than sugar ... but you won't like the taste if you overdo it.

Let me know if you have success with it!
Wishing you all the best this holiday season!

HEIDISHOPE Posts: 2,051
12/10/11 8:34 P

Thanks! I'll give it a try! emoticon

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12/10/11 4:31 P

I don't know a specific recipe for Angel Food Cake ... but in stead of sugar or Splenda ... why don't you use Stevia.
Stevia is natural, not like Splenda.
I found this conversion chart on the SweetLeaf site:
SweetLeaf is a brand ... so is more expensive than if you get a generic type in a health food store.
Personally I like the clear liquid ... 1 teensy drop is equivalent to a tsp.
a 2oz bottle lasts me almost a year ... but then I don't bake. I only use it to sweeten drinks.
It is much SAFER than sugar or sugar substitutes.
The FDA tried to stop the distribution of it (probably due to pressure from the sugar industry) but they couldn't. It is TOTAL;LY safe ... but it's not allowed to be sold as a sweetener (sugar industry again) only as a supplement.

Here are some examples of what you can buy (I Googled Stevia and got this list)

Shopping results for Stevia
Kal Pure Stevia Extract Powder - 3 Ounces Powder ...

Find nearby
Spoonable Stevia (16 oz) by Stevita
Sweet Leaf Stevia Clear Liquid 4 Ounce

Find nearby
SweetLeaf 50923 Vanilla Clear Liquid Stevia
Stevia Supreme (50 packets) by Stevita

Find nearby

HEIDISHOPE Posts: 2,051
12/9/11 12:04 P

We have our own chickens and they are still laying LOTS of eggs even tho it has gotten cold. My daughter made homemade eggnog with a dozen egg yolks, but now I need a sugar-free recipe to use with the whites. I'd like to make an angelfood cake.

anyone have any recipes using Splenda?

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