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6/21/12 7:39 A

Thank You Jen!
I have read the to pass it on to my knowitall hubby...
Thank You
Thank You

..omgosh! i just sent that article to him in an email...insides are all jello's really hard to tell him Anything!

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6/21/12 7:22 A

Fat is a very important part of your diet and trying to cut it out completely would be terrible for your health. Here's an article you might want to share with him:

Coach Jen

SHERRYLARMAND SparkPoints: (5,292)
Fitness Minutes: (3,090)
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6/21/12 6:36 A i've weighed myself, done my sharing with someone Every day what i am doing here. (mostly that someone is my husband) but he is making it very difficult to talk to him about it. He has an (invisible) degree for EveryThing Under the Sun! including weight management, fitness, even nutrition. :(
he is a mechanic by trade with a binder Full of certificates proclaiming his worthiness as a Great Mechanic!
BUT he falls really short when it comes to diet and nutrition (in my opinion)

Yesterday he told me that i need to cut fat COMPLETELY from my 'diet' (no i am not dieting..simply keeping track of the food i eat with the help of this page/group)

i'm so tired of listening to him go on and on and on again about how i am not doing this right :(

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