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I am also wondering who told you to cut out carbs due to digestion problems? This doesn't sound like something that a doctor would say and, if you're having digestion problems, you really do need to see a doctor and have tests to get a diagnosis because digestion problems can be caused by a whole range of things, some of which can be extremely serious. I've seen too many people in my life who thought that they had indigestion turn out to have something much more serious. Also, if you do, in fact, have something like celiac disease and you cut out wheat gluten on your own, then you are interfering with your doctor's ability to diagnose the problem because you actually need to be eating gluten to be certain that you are getting the best results from the medical test to diagnose the problem. Any drastic changes in your child's diet (and cutting out carbs in her diet is a drastic change) should be cleared by her doctor.

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I'm not sure what kind of digestive issues you are having, but I agree with the other post on your question. As people age, they can develop an intolerance to gluten. You could also have a problem with lactose as well.

I would suggest this... more fruits (for energy) early in the day, more vegetables (for fiber to aid digestion) and more water throughout the day (especially when you get up in the morning and with meals. I would also suggest 1-2 servings of yogurt every day ( have one serving in the morning when I get up and one serving in the evening before bed). Yogurt has as many health benefits especially when it comes to digestive issues. I have included a link for you to read.

I hope this helps.

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First of all, who says to cut out "carbs" and what do they mean by carbs? (carbohydrates)
Because pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, are carbs, fruits + veggies have carbs!
There are good carbs like beans, a very good food product, as it is not just carbs but vitamins and minerals as well.

Who told you to cut carbs out due to digestion problems? and is it because of the gluten which isn't a bad thing (its the protein of the wheat) If you have an intolerance to gluten you should get it diagnosed by a doctor as there is a test that will tell you one way or the other. But don't do it by cutting out things like carbs as then you are dealing with the symptom not finding out what the actual problem is. If it is a gluten intolerance problem, there might be another reason for the intolerance, again find out from a doctor!

Its very popular right now to eat Gluten free pastas, breads, crackers and so on. Its also very miss guided, as there might be a number of reasons for the intolerance and it might be only temporary.

And don't cut carbs out of your childs diet. If the child doesn't have a wt issue or digestion problem there is no good reason for that!


Ps, I have a degree in nutrition and have worked in hospitals + consulted for a number of yrs and keep updated. Just to let you know where my knowledge base is coming from.

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9/2/12 6:09 A

I have recently been told to cut out carbs as im having alot of trouble with with my digestion.. and im struggling to find a plan of what to eat, also have to feed my partner and 2 year daughter!
Ive been searching online and i seem to find lots of information thats frying my brain...
anybody have any advise? thanks so much x

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