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4/13/12 4:11 P

thanks i went there i don't drink soda once in a blue moon i eat veggies i drink 8 to 15 glasses of water.

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There are some simple things you can do to eat more healthfully if you don't understand the percentages. Do you eat 6-9 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables ? If not, one healthy thing you can do for yourself is to eat more veggies.

If people should be overeating anything, they should be overeating their spinach. Do you like spinach ? or peppers ? onions ? if you enjoy veggies, try eating more veggies. that will help you become a healthier person.

Do you drink soda ? If so, one way to decrease the amount of calories you take in would be to switch regular soda for diet soda. Ideally, you should be drinking more water. Drinking more water can also help you be a healthier person.

Why don't you tell some things you eat and we can help with suggestions. Right now, we don't know anything about you. So, why don't you tell us about the foods you are eating.

4/13/12 3:37 P

hi i don't eat eggs or cottage cheese and the labels i don't understand the % Daily Values part of it iknow that you dive 15 in to the no of t carb that all.thanks

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4/13/12 3:27 P

Hi, Mamita !

Welcome to Spark People. Have you joined any Spark Teams yet ? If not, a good way to meet people and make new buddies is to join a Spark Team. There are Spark Teams for just about any subject you can think of as well as teams for various overseas members too.

You should also read this article. It will help you find a buddy.

Also, are you looking for ideas for low calorie meals ? If so, try the spark recipes section. Chef Meg as well as many members have posted tens of thousands of great recipes. Whatever food you like, you can find a healthier version in the recipes section.

go here for ideas for meals.

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4/13/12 3:23 P

Are you saying it's hard to find low cal foods? Are you asking for food recommendations? I'm unclear. Eat fruits and veggies and lean meats for a start. Eggs and egg whites are good sources of protein as well, with the whoel eggs having a bit more fat and calories than the whites. There are tons of low cal foods out there. Try to avoid the processed stuff, but read labels. It's not as hard as you might think to find healthy food.

4/13/12 2:18 P

hi i need help a buddie friends its bording the food i go to the gym and walks and a list of Exercise from here please help thanks.I write what i eat down its the cal/sod it hard to fine foods that are low in them.

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