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7/9/12 9:55 A

Give us an update???

MRSJOCCO SparkPoints: (29,721)
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7/9/12 2:22 A

Did everything turn out alright for your son? emoticon emoticon

WORTHYOFTHIS SparkPoints: (0)
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7/6/12 11:30 P

Prayers being sent up!!

CGBLAKE3 Posts: 16
7/5/12 11:18 P

Praying for him

GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
7/5/12 10:28 P

I will pray for you son

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7/5/12 8:41 P

The poor wee soul,he must have a lot of pain.I am sure if he needs an operation it will go fine and be a relief. Still being a mum is a worry especially when they are unwell. Sending best wishes and speedy recovery x

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7/3/12 6:00 P

My prayers are with you guys.

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7/3/12 10:33 A

Praying for your son, and keeping you in my thoughts as well.

CMAZE8 Posts: 32
7/3/12 12:35 A

Praying for you son. I understand the confusion and worries this brings to you as it would me. I have raised 3 children and still have a younger one at home, the only advice I could give you on this is that swimming in chlorine water or the ocean would be better then as if it was a lake or pond.
With him being so young, you could just let the nail fall off naturally, as long as he doesn't snag it on anything until the nail come off. Keep the dead part of the nail cut, if possible and soak it in warm Epsom salt water appx. 10-15 mins then apply the betedine. His nail should come back with or without surgery.
As long as he is healthy, being unconscious for 30 mins. he should do fine.
Not much, hope this information helps. I will keep your son and you in my prayers. Please keep me informed on how it turns out. emoticon

7/2/12 1:58 P

my elder twin,(6.5 y/o) bruised his finger . I consulted with a doctor, and gave anti-biotic. (Puss under his nail)
Three days, later because of puss still being there went to another doc, and well he said to clean with betadine.
I was very careless, and I cleaned just once.(Saturday)
My husband was here today, (I have been at my mom dads place for 3 weeks, as its vacation of school)
So, my husband was VERY concerened and we went to our family peditrician.

1. She asked me to do his dressing twice.
2. antibiotics.
3. she thinks its ok, if he swims but Iam confused on this.

She said if the puss, does not go they will have to give him proper anasthesia, and remove the nail.

Iam scared, because he will be unconscious...for about half an hour.

So, guys please pray for him, that his nail heals and it comes by itself.

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