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9/10/12 2:36 P

i actually just set up an appointment with a doctor to do just that! my poor trainer has tried everything possible.. including trying to kill me in the gym! lol! but its not my fitness level thats the problem! he said anyone doing what i am should be dropping weight like crazy.. but im not... its like my body likes the fat suit its wearing

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9/10/12 2:29 P

I would consider seeing your doctor and having them test your thyroid just to be sure that is not stopping you for loosing weight?

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9/10/12 2:23 P

I'm new to the site.. but I think I can find some extra motivation here!
I started working out about 3 months ago and changed my diet as well, as part of a competition for work. I am a dj and I challenged my listeners to a weight loss competition. It was a good thing because it got me up and motivated, but even though I know I've lost body fat and gained a ton of muscle, the scale hasnt moved near as much as I'd like. I have a trainer and he even put me on a protein shake diet for about a week.. We've tried just about everything! I work out 6 days a week, and I count my calories and watch everything that I eat.. But the weight isnt changing.. Any suggestions or ideas would be SO appreciated! Its getting very discouraging!

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