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11/13/12 7:03 P

Nancipat, you read my mind. I just raised my goal from 1450 to 1500 cal per day and -- voila! I am a big success!

Of course, I have no idea if I will ALSO lose any weight.. so far, nada. I have a bad feeling that to really lose weight I'd need to eat 1200 calories a day for the rest of my life... something I am NEVER going to be able to do, unless it's literally a matter of life or death.

And since my weight really isn't that sky high (160 at 5' 4"), I don't think it's a matter of life or death. But I AM more than ten pounds into the "red" zone.

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 60,238
11/13/12 6:18 P

BITHOO - I will not whack you on your knuckles. You are doing that enough all by yourself. I got my knuckles whacked all day today and they are really REALLY bruised.

Maybe you need to rethink your calorie range OR maybe you are doing okay - think about it this way - You are trying to stay within your range and missing it by 100 - 250 calories day after day. You will slow the loss down a little, BUT if you were not trying you might be eating a LOT more than 1500 - 1700 calories each day. Have you thought of simply trying to do a LITTLE better each day or each week??

When I first started, I simply could not eat within the ranges that SP gave me. So, I started with my PLAN - I ask myself if it is better NOW than it would have been before. That way, when I first started if instead of eating a dozen doughnuts I ONLY ate 11 - I succeeded. NOW - I am down to only an occasional doughnut instead of 12, 11, 9, 6, 3, 2, 1 . . . Seems like it worked. Last 3 times that doughnuts were available at school, I decided I didn't want one. The first of those times, I took one and put it in my bag and ended up throwing it away. The other two times I didn't even take one.

Just a thought.

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11/13/12 5:20 P

This is me today too. For some reason, I feel like I am starving today. This hasn't happened to me before. . .

I just keep looking at my "before" picture. I know I don't want to go back to that weight ever again.

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11/13/12 3:19 P

Each day I add up the numbers and find I'm over my new 1450 calorie count. Why? Hm. Maybe TWO helpings of rice weren't necessary... especially when teamed with a Starbucks chai tea earlier in the day, and a couple of peanut butter crackers...

It's not even cheating for great stuff -- it's just a little here, a little there, just because I feel like it.

I feel like I need a virtual coach with a ruler to whack my knuckles when I reach out for a "little something" that puts me right over the top!

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