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6/12/12 3:11 P

I know it's so frustrating, but try not to let the scales get you down. This kind of thing is measured over the long haul, not day to day, so you might want to skip the daily weigh-ins if they are going to upset you. Most of the fluctuations are due to water retention or dehydration. Eating fewer calories and/or exercising extra one day does not automatically translate to a lower weight the next day. And it works the same in reverse - eating a little too much or skipping a workout won't make you gain weight overnight, either. It would be pretty much impossible to either gain or lose a pound of real fat in one day, so take heart. Stick to your program and it *will* happen.


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6/12/12 12:34 P

Hi there.

I certainly understand your frustration. I too have felt it. I have discovered that weighing oneself more often than once per week can create this frustration as weight flucuates day to day based simply on what is eaten and what you do and how much water you are holding on to or losing. I found a good article on

I think you are doing great and you inspired me to get even more active than I have been.

Keep up the good work and stay positive.


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6/12/12 11:57 A

The scale can be, and this sounds weird, a difficult indicator of weight. That is because during a 24 hour period your weight can vary based on a variety of factors such as fluids, hydration etc. I am not a real fan of weighing every couple of days. I try to weigh once a week, same time of day usually early morning on the same scale.

Please don't let discourage you. Remember one pound equals 3500 calories. Suggestion keep exercising consistently and add variety, track all your food and liquids those liquid calories and sugar can add up quickly, and try various things to keep yourself motivated. Do you have a outfit you want to wear or a trip planned? Set mini goals that make the overall plan seem less dauting.

You can do this!!!!

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I'm a little fustrated today. I lost four pounds on Monday morning and I went to check my weight this morning I gained it back. My calories also changed and because I lost six pounds. On sunday, I did zumba and biggest loser weight loss yoga so I'm wondering if it helped. I have to admit yesterday at zumba class I was feeling a little tired and wasn't performing my very best like I use to. I have been exercising five days a week doing zumba. Two days doing weight loss yoga and sparkpeople boot camp dvd. Since I started my goal my weight has fluctuated but not this gradual, esp. in one day. I'm kind of bummed. Where can I also find articles in plateau. I also see when I am lifting weights my weight changes.

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