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3/16/12 4:35 P

Definitely check out the fitness board and nutrition board. They're great resources and have lots of knowledgeable people who don't always wander into this one.

When you work out more, you need to raise your calorie goals for how much you're working out. That means you need to eat more to support your body's needs while you work out. Sparkpeople calculates these ranges based on your averages for the whole week.. so yes, you need to stay in your ranges.

You may or may not lose weight this week; if you do gain or not lose weight, it could be because your muscles are retaining water so they can use the fuel you've provided them through nutrition to do the exercises. :)

REmember that weight is not a static number. It's more like a vital sign, like your heart rate or blood pressure. It fluctuates wildly throughout the day and week... it changes based on how much fluid you have in your body, muscle, AND fat.

If you stay in your ranges, track carefully and weigh/measure your food, and you've accurately entered your fitness goals in the fitness trackers, you should lose weight.

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3/16/12 4:34 P

Hi, Cass! If you have entered your weight, and your exercise, your food should have adjusted to allow you to lose 1-2 pounds per week, which is a safe, healthy loss!!
Double check that you have entered your numbers correctly and then rest assured torchbearer food menus are correct.

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3/16/12 1:33 P

This is my third time starting the Spark program. This time I have a gym membership paid in full for 18 months :) I also have a friend who makes me go 6 days a week. The beginning of this week I had no idea how many calories I would be burning. Today after 3 whole days of cardio I input how many calories I have been burning. This raised the number of calories I need to be eating. Does this mean I won't see results for this week? Do I just not worry about it and start eating more today to meet those calorie needs?

Thanx for your help,

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