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TRYINGTOLOSE64 Posts: 93,051
6/9/12 6:22 A

Think I'll stick w/my lifestyle change before taking any tips from someone who hasn't shown any credentials and believes in myths. Afterall I need something I can stick with for a lifetime.

KATINSL Posts: 86
6/8/12 10:28 A

I would try some of these options, especially all of the liquids. How did it work out for you?

MASA0606 Posts: 965
12/17/11 10:52 P

I have to agree with Banker. Most of those are old wives tales like drinking the ice water. I also wouldn't put any of those "fat-burners" and stimulants into my body. I'll stick to the old fashion way of hard work. Good Luck!

BANKER-CHUCK Posts: 6,730
12/17/11 5:19 P

Only a few I agree with but 30% is a mixed bag of old wives tales, things that will not work. I do not agree with many of the supplements that can cause harm, thyroid stimulator's, fat transporters, thermogentic, added stimulants other than natural, lipolytic agents, detoxification diets, especially detoxification cleansers. Many detox diets and cleansers can do more harms by killing friendly bacteria in the intestines.
I would look to proper nutritious food choices with a fitness program to burn fat. Strength exercise build muscle that helps burn fat along with decreased calorie intake.
I wish you well with your plan.

LURLINE86 Posts: 49
12/15/11 1:26 P

1. Drink One Glass of Water Every Hour
Your brain often confuses thirst for hunger.Besides being vital for life, drinking a glass of water every hour will help you feel full.dehydration slows your metabolism by up to 3%. it is possible to drink too much water, so don’t go overboard.

2. Drink Ice Cold Water
your body expends energy, i.e. calories, raising it to match your body temperature. You will burn 8 more calories per glass of cold water compared to a similarly-sized glass of room temperature H20. If you drink 8 glasses of water a day, that’s 64 easily burned calories.Cold water also energizes your body. Try drinking a glass of ice cold water before your cup of morning coffee. This will help you wake up and instantly energize you for the day ahead. It will also help motivate you to exercise, because obviously, if you are feeling a bit lethargic, your chances of making it to the gym are significantly less.

3. Drink Mineral Water

Quality, alkaline mineral water fortified with extra ingredients will give you the proper level of hydration, while also giving you beautiful skin and healthy organs. The minerals in mineral water aid in your nervous system function and the transportation of vital nutrients throughout your body.

Like regular water, drinking enough water everyday curbs your appetite to aid in weight loss. You can also use the previous tip with mineral water: drink it ice cold to see maximum benefits, such as increased energy and greater calorie-burn.
4. Replace Diet Soda with Sparkling Water

Even though diet soda contains zero calories, it is not beneficial to a diet. Some studies even suggest that consuming more than one diet soda a day leads to an increased risk of obesity and Type II diabetes. One researcher believes this is because diet soda overstimulates our taste buds for sweetness, causing increased cravings for other unhealthy foods.

If you’re bored of regular water, try sparkling water instead. The carbonation mimics that found in diet soda, and the gas may even help make you feel more full. However, sparkling water comes without the artificial sweeteners, a major benefit to those trying to lose weight.

5. Drink Green Tea

Unlike other teas, green tea is made by steaming fresh leaves. This process results in higher content of of polyphenols, like ECGC, which assists in weight loss. ECGC is believed to increase the metabolism by influencing important enzymes. By increasing your metabolism, you will burn more calories doing normal activities.

Try drinking 3 glasses of green tea per day. Besides weight loss, green tea may offer all sorts of other health benefits, such as lowering cancer risk and helping normalize blood pressure. It also has some caffeine, albeit less than coffee, so it boosts mental alertness. If you’re still not convinced, green tea also has loads of antioxidants, so your complexion will look great.

6. Add Lemon to a Glass of Water Before Every Meal

Citrus is an all-natural appetite suppressant. The pectin fiber in citrus fruits helps reduce certain cravings and hunger. Lemon also has antiseptic properties, acts as a natural detoxifier, aids in digestion, and is loaded with vitamin C and beneficial minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

Try adding some fresh-squeezed lemon juice to a glass of water or another low-calorie drink, such as green tea, before meals. The appetite suppressing qualities of the lemon will help keep you from overeating, thus aiding in weight loss. The extra doses of vitamin C will also help keep your immune system in great shape.

7. Add Benefiber to Water

Fiber is an important dietary component that aids in digestion and bowel function. It clears your digestive track of toxins and keeps your intestines at an optimal pH level. Fiber also prevents your blood glucose levels from rapidly rising. Sharp glucose spikes cause your pancreas to release extra insulin, which leads to fat storage in your stomach.

Benefiber is a water-soluble fiber that absorbs water as it passes through your digestive system. As opposed to water-insoluble fiber, Benefiber stays in your stomach longer, giving you a lasting feeling of fullness. This feeling of satiation causes you to eat less throughout the day, thus resulting in weight loss. Plus, one serving of Benefiber contains only 15 calories.

8. Drink Light Soy Milk

Soy is the only complete plant protein and boasts several health benefits. While soy milk contains a high percentage of fat, the fat content is comprised of healthy unsaturated fats, such as Omega-3 fatty acids. Unsaturated fats have been linked weight maintenance and lower cholesterol levels. Alternatively, the saturated and trans fat found in regular milk are linked to weight gain and cardiovascular problems.

When you try to lose weight, you often cut back on needed nutrients. Drinking soy milk arms your body with needed protein, vitamin B, potassium, and minerals. Your body needs to protein to build lean muscle mass, and muscle mass allows your body to burn more calories. However, soy milk does not contain the calcium of normal dairy products, so buy a brand fortified with calcium to maintain bone health and density.

9. Avoid Alcohol

Pure alcohol contains approximately 7 calories per gram, which makes it twice as fattening as protein and carbs. This obviously makes it a poor choice for weight loss. Plus, the calories in alcoholic beverages have no added health benefits; they are “empty” calories. Furthermore, when you are drinking, your body processes the alcohol before carbs, fat, and protein. This means that drinking slows down your metabolization of fat.

To put drinking into perspective, one shot of alcohol contains 100-120 calories, a glass of wine contains 80 calories, an average light beer holds 110-120 calories, and normal beer boasts an impressive 140-170 calories. Plus, we all know that drinking makes you hungry. Unhealthy food and alcohol just seem to go together.

10. Drink Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains nutrients, acids, and enzymes that aid in weight loss by acting as appetite suppressants, speeding up metabolism, reducing water retention, and detoxifying your liver. Vinegar also slows the rise of blood sugar after meals, which means that taking apple cider vinegar around meal time reduces the amount of insulin needed to process your dinner. Lower levels of insulin equals greater weight loss.

With no change in diet, it has been suggested that consuming apple cider vinegar with every meal leads to a 15-pound weight loss every year. To capitalize on this, simply mix 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. If the taste is too much for you, mix in 1-2 teaspoons of organic honey. Drink a glass of this weight loss concoction before consuming food.

11. Drink Coffee

The caffeine in coffee acts as an appetite suppressant. It also stimulates thermogenesis, i.e. it produces heat, which burns more calories. Coffee also acts as a diuretic, which causes you to lose water weight and bloat. The energy boost from coffee keeps you active longer, and as you know, greater activity equals greater weight loss. Other benefits include: lower blood pressure, lower risk of dementia, and lower risk of cancer.

If you can’t stand the taste of black coffee, avoid cream and add some organic honey instead. While coffee doesn’t contain any fat, many coffee additives are full of unneeded calories. Some sources suggest drinking up to 4 cups a day, but for maximum weight loss benefits, try to stick to 1 or 2.

12. Drink a Cup of Warm Vegetable Broth 10 Minutes Before Dinner

People, who consume a cup or 2 of broth-based soup before meals, consume an average of 134 calories less than those who do not, and that includes the calories from the soup. Eating the soup 10 minutes before your meal will give your brain enough time to signal to your body that you have eaten something. Therefore, you will start to feel adequately full sooner, and since vegetable broth plus half of your meal has fewer calories than a full meal, you’ll lose weight.

On top of this, vegetable broth provides extra vitamins and antioxidants, while adding to your daily intake of liquid. Homemade vegetable broth is healthiest and contains less sodium than the store-bought variety. However, both will help curb your appetite.

13. Take Sips of Water Between Bites of Food

Taking sips of water between bites of food forces you to eat slower. By eating slower, your brain will recognize the feeling of satiation and tell your stomach that it has had enough. This process takes about 15-20 minutes, so eating slower is a definite advantage to weight loss. If you eat too quickly, you won’t know that you’re full until you have eaten way more than is necessary.

Also, drinking water with your meal simply fills your stomach up faster. You’re replacing bites of food with gulps of zero-calorie water, therefore, hopefully, eating half as much. Also, place your silverware down while you drink, this will slow down your eating even more.

14. Drink Brazilian Cocoa (Cha de Bugre)

Cha de Bugre is a small tree found in Brazil. The tree produces a fruit that reduces fevers, kills viruses, and aids in weight loss. Its weight-loss properties are similar to caffeine and include increasing metabolism, decreasing the appearance of cellulite and belly fat, and suppressing appetite. However, Cha de Bugre doesn’t completely suppress appetite, leaving you ravenous after the effects wear off. Instead, it gives you the feeling of complete satiation after a very light meal.

Cha de Bugre can be brewed into a coffee or a tea. It is used as a coffee-replacement in many parts of Brazil, and many believe that it is a healthier form of coffee, with even greater health benefits. However, since it’s fairly new to other countries, it is harder to find. Try looking online or at specialized health stores.

15. Detoxify with Juiced Fruits

Juicing allows you to add valuable nutrients to your diet with minimal calorie costs. Fresh juices are rich in antioxidants and vitamins, rid toxins, and increase metabolism. Fruit juices contain all the important minerals and enzymes that are vital for healthy body functioning.

Furthermore, juice fasting acts as a jump start to weight loss. A juice fast aids tremendously in detoxification and actually gives you energy, as opposed to other fasts. There are a wide variety of fruits that can be used, so each “meal” has the ability to be new and unique. This leads to less boredom and a greater success rate. Your juice fast can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

16. Drink Mangosteen Juice

Like many fruits used in the previous diet, mangosteens provide extraordinary health benefits. Mangosteens stimulate the immune system, which provides greater overall health. Healthy bodies are able to process food more efficiently. Mangosteens also have a high fiber content, which aids in digestion. By keeping the digestive track in optimal condition, the body is able to properly absorb and excrete food and waste.

Mangosteens also provide a metabolic boost and increased energy. Like some of the other tips, this increased energy helps maximize fitness plans. The metabolism boost causes an increase in burned calories. The mangosteen is a super-fruit in weight loss.

17. Detoxifying Diets

If the juice diet is not right for you, there are a multitude of other short-term, detoxifying diets out there. The main goal in using a detox diet is to cleanse your body of dangerous toxins and poisons. Most of these diets boast pure and natural foods that aid in the function of your kidneys, liver, and lymph system.

Simply look-up “detoxifying diet” and options will quickly appear. Some of these diets include all raw foods, liquid diets, water diets, etc. Some last for a few days, while others last for months. Determine what you want out of your detox, and go from there.

18. Use the Master Cleanse

This detoxifying cleanse has been getting all sorts of recognition from celebrities and websites. It is a short cleanse meant to rid your body of harmful toxins that may be inhibiting weight loss. Since there are many different ways to carry out this cleanse, it is best to do some research and determine what is right for you.

A general rule of thumb is to ease in and out of the cleanse. Don’t cut back everything immediately and don’t immediately go back to your old ways once the cleanse is completed. The entire process usually lasts 10 days or less. The main component includes drinking a mixture of lemon juice, organic maple syrup, cayenne powder, and water 6-12 times a day. This is followed with a salt water flush at night. Again, do your research and determine the best way to carry out the Master Cleanse for your particular needs.

19. For Those With a Sweet Tooth, Drink Chocolate Ovaltine and Almond Milk

Ovaltine is a vitamin-enriched powder that contains a daily dose of your recommended amounts of Vitamin A, B6, B12, and C. It also contains calcium, zinc, and magnesium. Likewise, almond milk is a low-calorie alternative to regular milk that is packed full with healthy nutrients. It has a nutty flavor that blends well with the Ovaltine.

This drink should not be used as a meal replacement, but it serves as a low-calorie dessert for those unable to give up sweets. At less than 100 calories, this “dessert” does minimal damage, but tastes like something much more sinful. Plus, the 100 calories are full of needed nutrients. It’s a win-win situation.

20. Avoid Slim-Fast and Other Meal-Replacement Shakes

While Slim-Fast has remained popular for many years, it is not the best way to lose weight. These specialty shakes are meant to replace entire meals, but they often don’t curb your appetite. You will end up drinking the shake and eating snacks throughout the day. Furthermore, these shakes are full of carbohydrates and excess calories.

There are healthier options out there. Eat healthy meals and use some of the tricks mentioned here. If you’re worried about over-eating, slow down and drink plenty of water. Overall, you’re going to get far better nutrients without spending money on Slim-Fast.

21. Niacin (B3) Supplement

Vitamin B3 is critical for your body’s function. It regulates your metabolism and controls the level of energy in your body. A vitamin B3 deficiency decreases your metabolism and immune system. We all know that a decreased metabolism leads to less calories being burned, and therefore, less weight loss.

It is recommended that adults take in 13-19 mg of niacin a day. Niacin is water-soluble and is constantly excreted from your body. Therefore, it must be continuously replaced to maintain your best metabolic rate. Niacin is found in many foods, such as vegetables, meats, and fish, but processing and cooking these foods may eliminate it.

22. Thermogenic Supplements (Fat-Burners)

Thermogenic supplements are engineered to help you efficiently burn the maximum amount fat. There are tons of supplements on the market, but there are certain ingredients and things you should look for:

23. Stimulants

Almost all fat-burner supplements contain some type of stimulant. Caffeine, or its chemical name methylxanthine, is one of the most common. We’ve already gone over the benefits of coffee and tea, so the benefits of stimulant supplements should come as no surprise: stimulants burn more calories and fat, curbs appetite, fight fatigue, and enhance mood.

Besides caffeine, look for green tea extract (EGCG), bitter orange extract (synephrine), guarana, and capsaicin, a natural chemical from cayenne peppers. These all contain components that will maximize your metabolism, increase your focus, and boost muscle strength. These all come in handy when trying to get the most out of your exercise routine.

24. Lipolytic Agents

Lipolytic agents cause lipolysis, or the release of fat from the fat cells containing it. Once the fat is extracted from the cells by the lipolytic agent, it can be burned away to fuel the body during exercise or other activities. This causes the fat cells to shrink, which results in visible weight loss and a much leaner figure.

Again, caffeine is a common lipolytic agent and is found in most thermogenic supplements. Some other lipolytic agents to look for on supplement packaging are yohimbe, forskolin, and hydroxycitric acid. All of these are aids in fat removal and a thinner frame.

25. Fat Transporters

Once the fat is removed from the cells by the lipolytic agent, it must be burned away as fuel. If the fat is not burned away, it will simply be reabsorbed by the fat cells, thus resulting in absolutely no benefit or weight loss. It is important to use a fat-burner, or thermogenic supplement, that also increases calorie-burn. A supplement that increases calorie-burn helps burn up all that fat that is now floating around trying to find a new home.

Another way to ensure that the fat is removed for good is to use a supplement containing carnitine. Carnitine transports the freed-up fat into the mitochondria of cells. Mitochondrion are miniature power plants that burn up the fat to fuel the cell. Thus, making sure you gain that thin, lean build you’re aiming for.

26. Thyroid Stimulators

The thyroid gland produces hormones that stimulate your metabolism. It determines how quickly your body uses energy and burns calories. While not everyone needs a thyroid stimulator in their supplements, it is something to look into if you’re in your mid-thirties and above, since the thyroid gland slows down hormone production with age. A thyroid stimulator will increase the calorie-burning effects of generic fat-burners by, obviously, stimulating your thyroid gland.

Look for the ingredient 7-Keto DHEA, or just 7-Keto, if you’re interested in this supplement. Plant sterols, or guggalsterones, have also proved to stimulate the thyroid’s hormone production, thus increasing calorie-burn.

27. Appetite Suppressants

No matter how many supplements you take, if you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. This is the most critical point of fat loss, and there is absolutely no way around it. This is where appetite suppressants enter. We have talked about natural appetite suppressants, such as lemon water, but it may also help to have them in your fat-burners.

Common appetite suppressants in supplements include konjac root fiber (glucomannan) and jojoba root extract (simmondsin). Simmondsin increases a hormone release that makes you feel sufficiently satiated. You can also look for 5-HTP, an amino acid that curbs carb cravings.

28. Insulin Control

Low insulin levels aid in fat loss. When insulin levels spike after a large meal full of carbohydrates, fat burning is turned off. Fat burning is then replaced by fat storage, which is disastrous when you’re aiming to lose fat. While cutting down on carb-heavy meals helps with this problem, insulin-lowering agents also help.

Look for the antioxidant alpha lipoic acid, cinnamon extract and evodiamine when you’re on the hunt for fat-burners. These help keep your insulin low, allowing you to worry less about carb intake. While we all know that carb-heavy diets are not exactly friendly to your waistline, sometimes a piece of bread is hard to avoid.

29. Carb and Fat Blockers

If that piece of bread is really hard to avoid and your fat and carbohydrate intake becomes worrisome, you may want carb and fat blockers included in your fat-burner. This will allow you to enjoy that potato chip, while not affecting your weight-loss efforts too drastically.

Look for white kidney bean extract. It’s a powerful carb blocker that boasts many scientific studies pointing to its effectiveness. If carbs aren’t your problem, look for seafood shell extract (chitosan). Chitosan binds with fat and removes it from your body before those greedy fat cells have a chance to absorb it. These are all helpful; however, they do not replace a healthy diet.

30. Mood Boosters

We’ve all been around people who are simply grumpy from eating a rather bland, boring diet. Dietary restrictions often cause mood slumps, which is why many thermogenic supplements include ingredients that will lift you out of that dark cloud of food monotony. Mental acuity is important in staying motivated to reach your fitness and weight loss goals, so this is an important one to follow.

Luckily, caffeine, which we now know is found in most fat-burners, is a mood enhancer. Caffeine is truly a dieter’s right-hand man (or woman). Also, look for phenylethylamine, an amino acid that has mood boosting qualities and increases metabolism.

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